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5 Easy Marketing Ideas for Small Business Advertising

Recently updated on February 1st, 2018 at 12:21 pm

Having a small budget for advertising shouldn’t discourage marketers from launching campaigns. You’d be surprised how some companies get away with unconventional marketing campaigns that yield outstanding results. These out-of-the-box methods are often referred to as guerilla advertising and they do wonders for small businesses.

Here are five easy small business advertising ideas you can implement today.

Get With the Times: Using Social Media

Social media counts as far as advertising goes. Most of your customers are already on at least one platform. Social media sites welcome businesses — in fact, all the big players (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) offer ways to integrate businesses into their site. Take Facebook and their Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Business Page

Twitter is also an effective way to communicate with your audience. It allows you to find relevant points of discussion and lets you jump in and be connected. It’s a way to humanize your brand and show some personality. It’s also a tool you could use to address concerns your customers may have and promote upcoming promotions or events.

Use Pinterest and Instagram to raise interest in your brand. By publishing photos regularly, you can show users what your company is up to and what projects you have in the pipeline. Photos build excitement and intrigue.

Scheduling posts shouldn’t be a problem considering all the online tools available built specifically for this task. Some social media sites even have built-in scheduling tools so you could plan your posts ahead of time.

Go Old School: Hand Out Flyers

If your budget is tight, you’d have to make up for it by working harder. Nothing beats going out and handing flyers to anyone who would have them. Flyers are cheap but effective.

The right flyers will let your audience know who you are and what your company is about. It spares people from having to look you up online. Information is made available to them right then and there. Even non-designers can create their own flyers online now for free.

Design your small business flyers today at NextDayFlyers!

Door to Door: Put Up Door Hangers

Good news if you’re in the food delivery business. You can use door hangers to promote your brand. As tired are hungry homeowners walk up to their doors after a long day at work, your restaurant door hangers will be a welcome sight. Add mouthwatering images of your best food offerings and they’ll be calling you in minutes.

NDF Door Hangers

While mostly associated with the food business, door hangers work for any kind of home service business: plumbing, home repair, even massages. Remember to be creative with your designs for maximum impact.

Make your own custom door hangers at NextDayFlyers!

Be a Star: Feature Your Product on YouTube

Uploading on YouTube is free and with the quality of cameras they have on phones now, you likely own a camera capable of shooting in high resolution. Why not use the tools you have at your disposal? Even doing simple unboxing videos garners hundreds (if not thousands) of views.


If you have a unique product on your hand, look for YouTube personalities who might be interested in showcasing it for his channel. These YouTubers are always creating new content and your product could be the next item they feature. These people have a built-in audience to share their videos with. In a way, they’ll be promoting your product for you.

Send them an email and ask if they’re open to working together. There’s a good chance that they are.

Be Active in Your Local Community

A small business should be deeply involved in the local community. It doesn’t have to come in the form of sponsorships. Doing volunteer work will just be as effective and fulfilling. It won’t be long before people start taking notice of you and your brand.


A genuine yearning to serve those around you will bring good business. You can even help your community and local economy by offering jobs to those who really need it. Build relationships with those closest to you and you’ll gain a loyal following.

2 thoughts on “5 Easy Marketing Ideas for Small Business Advertising

  1. This is some really good advice. I’ve tries 2 of these methods. Personally, my most successful offline method was by using yard signs.

    You really have to research the area that you’re putting up your signs to see if your add works well in the community.

    In my case I was advertising housing products in an area where most of the people already own their homes – so it worked well for me.
    Thanks for the post.

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