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How to Make Postcards That Pop!

Postcards are a great way to reach out to customers and prospects with a short and motivating message that can drive sales. You already have (hopefully) a list of your current customers with which to create mailing labels. To get a list of prospects, you can buy one from a list vendor or if you are really clever, swap with a friend or associate in a related business for their list.

Now, it’s time to start creating a postcard that will get you the attention you deserve. Here are 10 suggestions that will inspire your latest marketing campaign.

Use Customer Content

Take a photo of one of your loyal customers and let them provide you with a testimonial of their satisfaction with your business. This approach builds trust and is very likely to get noticed as people are generally nosy and want to know what other people are up to.

Keep Your Info Updated

Make yourself easy to find: include your business name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, website URL, and while you’re at it – throw in a map to guide them. Oh, and your hours of business are a helpful addition too.

Everyone Likes Freebies

Make the postcard a coupon too. Create an eye-catching border that makes your card appear to be a money-saving coupon and make it worthwhile to bring it in for a serious discount. Freebies are always a sure bet to bring in traffic.

Take Advantage of Technology

Make your postcard interactive with a QR Code. You can set up a landing page that can be accessed when a recipient with a Smartphone shoots it. You could even put a “secret word” on the site that entitles the person who mentions it a nice discount.

Get Creative

Get out your glue gun and stick something fun on the postcard. You can start thinking out of the box with this idea. How about some sand to promote a summer sale? Or maybe attach one of those wooden ice cream spoons to invite people to come over for an ice cream party? You get the idea. (You may have to create a sample to run by the post office to make sure it will reach its destination.)

Think Outside the Traditional Postcards

Everyone is used to rectangular postcards. Make yours in the shape of a fish or a football or a submarine—any shape will surely grab some attention. Again, you’ll want to run this by the post office for approval and be prepared to pay a premium postage rate.

Encourage Interaction

Take advantage of our perforation service to create a card within a card. You can allow the recipient to tear out your business card to keep after your message has been delivered. Or you could make a couple of coupons that are perforated and tear off. Add expiration dates a week or two apart and watch what happens.

Postcards to Keep

If you don’t mind spending a little extra, considering making the postcard out of a different material. We’ve seen them made out of wood, plastic, metal, or cardboard. (Check with the post office – there may be additional costs to mail due to weight.)

Add a New Dimension

Involve an additional sense – douse your postcard in perfume or other olfactory stimulants and let people smell your message. Who knows? You may be in the dessert business and can infuse your card with the sweet smell of success!

Keep Them Guessing

Send a series of postcards that when added together create a bigger message. You could create a continuing storyline that won’t be solved until the final card. Or make a picture puzzle that requires all of them to be arranged in a specific order to decipher.

So there are ten ideas for getting more out of postcards. You’ll find that postcards are fairly easy to produce and are generally quite affordable. They are a great complement to an advertising campaign or can be used as a stand-alone tactic. Don’t be shy, mail carriers are standing by!

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