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Small Street Art is Beautiful – 25 Cool Stickers and Paste-Ups!

Recently updated on January 20th, 2018 at 01:46 am

There are many graffiti artists who prefer wheat paste and paper to spray cans and respirator masks. In fact, the most famous and recognized graffiti artists on the planet are “stickers” rather than “sprayers”(both Banksy and Fairey quickly learning how to make a sticker into high concept art with their provocative paste-up masterpieces.) Now, the purists in the graffiti community may argue that printing cool stickers or large-scale photo-reproductions of work is a far cry from the skill of the spray-can artist, but I would argue that like anything else, it’s in the idea and execution that makes something a true work of art.

The following pieces are a testament to this fact and also prove that great street art doesn’t need to cover an entire wall or side of a building. These 25 cool stickers and small paste-ups are mini-masterpieces in their own right and deserve to be judged in the same arena as the biggest and most impressive full-wall pieces.

Please enjoy these super-cool stickers and paste-ups:

street art sticker

Original source:

A super-rad elephant sticker paste-up.


Original source:

A funny and edgy sticker by famous Australian-born  graffiti artist, The Yok


Original source:

Cool sticker in a surreal, graphic style – an example of Hong Kong street art paste-ups


 Original source:

Death Smile By @monsieurqui – a darkly beautiful piece.



 Original source:

German artist St Pauli uses a shipping label to create his cool sticker art.

jack of hearts grafitti sticker

Original source:

Notice the “approved” sticker. This piece was the subject of the Red Label guerrilla sticker campaign that gave the public curatorial power to comment on street art.


Original source:

Popular street artist Cryptik, wows us with his super-clean, decorative style.

street art mermaid design

Original source:

German street artist, Agata Dudek created this stunning paste-up for the Berlin streets.


Original source:

This ingenious mixed-media street art sticker piece was created by Scottyfivealive.


Original source: http://www.

The uber cool and brilliant illustrative style of artist, Cobrinha.

severed head-street sticker

Original source:

We dig this gruesomely cool sticker with anatomical divisions.


Original source:

A Shepard Fairey inspired piece from Oakland, CA, named Star Pig.


Original source:

Ras Term and Grow collab piece  – seen in Oakland, CA.


Original source:

A beautifully intricate design by N.O Bonzo from Portland, OR.


Original source:

Exceptionally talented artist, Daniel Muñoz created this sublimely brilliant street art sticker that is filled with deep meaning and expression.

street art skull sticker design

Original source:

Beautifully decorative skull sticker spotted near Brick Lane, East London (UK)

anti consumerism street art

Original source:

Sir X’s controversially brilliant paste-up artwork.

street ART FAIRY design

Original source:

There is something deeply beautiful and pleasing about Hush’s mixed media paste-up and spraypaint piece.


Original source:

This piece by Smot from Paris, shows us how to make stickers in that supercool steampunk collage style.


Original source:

A super-colorful and cute collab paste-up piece by Koralie & Supakitch

poison bottle street art sticker

Original source:

A deadly and poisonous piece of street art seen in Washington DC.


Original source:

This paste-up by XX Crew from Brussels made us laugh (a sticker of some stickers) excellent work from the Belgium crew.

street art astronaut skull sticker

Original source:

Stuck to a post in Venice Beach, CA, this example of small sticker art by by Haunted Euth is “out of this world”!

street art snail design

Original source:

DD Fresh presents us with a piece of original sticker style with a surreal vibe.


original source:

A troll sticker with a message from us all, as seen on the streets of Melbourne, Australia.

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