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The White List #11: Get Your Friends to Brag about You

What is the best way to spread the word about how fabulous you are? Word of mouth of course! Get your close friends and biggest influencers to brag about how fabulous you are!

Blue Sky factory has a great article with some tips on getting those who love you, to spread the word!

"The phrase “the more the merrier” fits when it comes to people talking about your brand.  In order to build an online community, start by identifying your organization’s internal champions.  Who from your organization is out there on the social web sharing blog posts and talking with customers and prospects? 

Encourage these people to keep talking, and even consider rewarding them for doing so.  Most importantly, give them something to talk about.  Your business will benefit by having higher levels of audience engagement, customer service, and overall brand awareness.  Specific to your email campaigns, encourage these champions to share your emails with their social networks, alert their friends of your upcoming campaigns, and direct people to your subscription center.  It will help grow your list and create excitement around your email marketing program.  

Oh, did I mention we have a $100 print credit up for grabs for bragging about us on Yelp? You can click here and say something nice about us and be entered in our drawing to win!

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