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The Hidden Benefits of Printed Event Flyers Over Facebook Invitations

Social media seems to be dominating all kinds of marketing and interpersonal communication. It sometimes seems as if there's no place for printed words and pictures on the page. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The emphasis on Facebook and digital communication obscures some of the secret advantages to tangible printed flyers.

The most obvious benefit is that more than one person can see a single flyer. Of course, a Facebook invitation can be sent to an infinite number of people, but each invitation is for the eyes of one person. A flyer can be proudly displayed, passed around and ultimately seen by far more people than would notice on online e-vite.

The level of care and design that can be put into a flyer is certainly not something to underestimate. People today seem to view anything on a digital screen without being impressed. On the other hand, a physical object that was clearly made with a lot of thought catches the eye and makes people think carefully. The sheer volume of digital images that we see online every day make even the most eye-popping design seem banal.  

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