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21of the Coolest & Edgiest Event Poster Ideas for Your Inspiration!

Recently updated on October 3rd, 2017 at 12:55 am

In today’s post, we’re presenting some awesome poster ideas while celebrating the work of cool and edgy artists. For your event poster inspiration, we have selected 21 examples of the very best poster ideas from international designers of great repute and immense talent.

If you’re an event planner or designer, take note of these poster ideas and use them to inspire your own poster masterpieces. As in all design, there’s no point sitting on the fence and doing something safe! Try something edgy and different and try to catch the attention of the public.

Here are our top  21 picks for your event poster inspiration:

edgy event poster

Original source:

Designer Joshua M. Smith created these perfectly designed digitally  illustrated event posters  for Revolt Marketing.

edgy poster design

Original source:

Filip and Nikodem Pregowski from Torun, Poland created these twin “Fight of the Century” posters for their  awesome Brothers in Arts exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery.

quirky event poster

Original source:

This quirky-cool event poster was created by Royal Studio design in Porto, Portugal – it has a super-hip, steampunk vibe.

illustration event poster

Original source:

These three gig posters were created by Kristof Tarisznyas from Vienna Austria and show-off his masterful illustration and composition skills.

cool poster

Original source:

This super-groovy poster by famous artist, McBess’ for 2012  East London Comics and Art Festival is on sale at the original source link above.

vector event poster design

Original source:

Three brilliantly designed and constructed event poster ideas from Antonio Sortino from Catania, Italy – imaginative, groovy, and super-clean design!

psychedelic event poster design

Original source:

This has a sweet, 60’s retro vibe whilst still keeping a dinstinctly modern edge – fabulous work by artist, Jason Maimberg.

edgy event poster

Original source:

When it comes to event poster inspiration, you can’t get anymore illuminating than these sublime designs by Atelier Martino & Jaña studio in Porto, Portugal.

hip event poster

Original source:

There’s a Saul Bass influence on these poster that makes it all the more rad and eye-catching – stunning poster design by UK studio,

art gallery event poster

Original source:

Fabulous minimalist design to represent a modern art gallery in Melbourne, Australia – stunning graphic design by Callejas.

modern illustration event poster

Original source:

Three absolutely fab designs in a super-trendy naive style. This edgy illustration is executed with brilliant flair and bags of style by artist, O’Hara Hale.

rad gig poster designs

Original source:

Kate Prior is a well-known artist from the UK. Her gig posters that she renders in an eye-popping neon style are simply “to cool for school.”

Want to see some more fabulously groovy and sublimely spectacular poster work or poster templates?

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