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The Art of Design #24: Menus

This week on The Art of Design we return to the yummiest of all print products; the Menu. As the 2nd most important thing behind the actual food, the menu is critical to entice a hungry patron before they even know what they want. It must delight the eyes and wet the appetitite, yet be informative enough to leave the customer satisfied in their order. Keep the restaurant cooking with these tips, tutorials, FREE templates and more!


That’s Tasty: The Art of Restaurant Menu Design


Wedding Details: Creative Menu Ideas


How to Hire a Restaurant Menu Designer: What You Need to Bring to the Table


Menu Design: Readability


Common Restaurant Mistakes: Menu Design Errors


How To Design A Restaurant Menu


Restaurand Menu Vectors


25 Free Restaurant Menu Templates


Even More Restaurand Menu Vectors


Print Menu: Effective Design menu to attract more customers


4 Tips on Designing a Family Restaurant Menu

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