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Six Essentials of Great Design

Short and sweet, below are six essentials to great design for your marketing campaigns. Grow your business and your brand by utilizing these into your next postcard or flyer designs.

1. Clear mission: A well designed postcard has one dominant headline or graphic to catch the eye and communicate your benefit to the reader.

2. Easy on the eyes: Top designers stick with one or two fonts plus the logo. Use large, bold type for headlines and special offers.

3. White space: Plenty of white space creates a design that is friendly, open and inviting.

4. Readable: Avoid type that is too small or condensed. Also avoid columns that are too wide or paragraphs that are too long.

5. Relevance: Use relevant illustrations that dramatize your message and draw attention.

6. Direction: Once you have their attention, direct them where to go to buy. Make sure your address, phone number, web address and instructions are clear.

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