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Photobomb #21: Japan Quake & Tsunami

A sad day has happened in Japan that no one in the world will forget. This week’s photobomb is a somber one, but one for us all to reflect on the last week and have a moment to appreciate our own health and safety. Once you take a moment for yourselves and to review the images we have presented to you, please take another moment and donate to one of the over 20 charities (in the first three links) that will help relieve the ever growing pain the Japanese people are suffering through right now.

Donate to 20+ Charities to Help Survivors of the Japan Quake & Tsunami

7 More Simple Ways to Help the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami


Japanese Underwater Photographers Start “Smile for All” Facebook Project

Japan: Continuing Crisis (Photos from March 16, 2011)


Japan: New Fears as the Tragedy Deepens (Photos from March 15, 2011)


Japan: Vast Devastation (Photos from March 14, 2011)


Japan: Earthquake Aftermath (Photos from March 12, 2011)

Aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan (Photos from March 11, 2011)

The Aftermath Of The Tsunami In Japan

50 Stunning Pictures Of The Japan Earthquake And Tsunami


Japan Earthquake: Interactive Before and After

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