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Paper Ephemera & Collectibles: The Original Swatch

The things we take for granted today often become the collectibles of the future. These swatches for fabrics were not intended as either art or artifact, yet they somehow transcend their practical functionality. In fact, they act as snapshots of a time and place. Not only is the typography appealing, these simple frames for a wide variety of textile patterns for clothes and furniture from the past are capsules offer a glimpse back in time.

Sampling is a great way to introduce prospective customers into buying or at least requesting more information. You can create sample cards from our 4” x 9” Rack Cards printed on 14pt card stock, or Club Flyers that range from as small as 2.625” x 4.125 to  4.125” x 10.875” or use our standard business card size (3.5” x 2”) or bookmarks (2” x 6” or 2.5” x 7”).

And even if your product is not fabrics or items made from fabrics, sample cards are an excellent marketing tool. You can glue, staple, or wire all kinds of small items to these cards to promote products.

For example, a company that sells skin cream could use a bookmark to have a printed message and products pricing and other sales copy with a small samples package hot-glued to the face. Then they can be mailed out or left on the counter to create interest in the product.

Product demonstrations facilitated by sampling is one of the most effective way to sell and promote to new target audiences.

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