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Overcoming creative blocks for graphic designers

One of the most frustrating problems for graphic designers and printers, or really any creative professional, is creative stagnation – the failure to come up with good ideas. In a profession that relies on creativity, it can become a vicious cycle, wherein the more you try to develop an idea, the more your imagination recedes into stagnation.

But sometimes, merely perusing others' designs can be a source of inspiration. After all, inspiration, by definition, always comes from somewhere else.

"If you're an experienced designer looking for ideas try executing a Google search for things like 'good design practices' or 'brochure design examples'," writes "In the results you'll find many great sites with some very interesting graphic designs. Now, the point here, is not to copy someone else's design but rather, to have it sit in the back of your mind as a technique you can apply to a current or future project."

Other creators have suggested that the best ideas come from the suspension of judgment – not in the personal sense, but in the mental sense. Calming the mind to a meditative and complicit state can allow for nonlinear thoughts to emerge, many of which may be the spark of a brilliant idea.

In a recent New York Times Magazine Article, Dev Patnaik, co-founder and CEO of idea generation firm Jump Associates, queried: "Why do you have great ideas when you’re in the shower? You're at ease. Your sense of judgment is quieted, you’re making nonlinear connections, you’re more likely to come up with great ideas. A shower is basically meditation for amateurs."

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