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Our Daily Best: Week of June 13th

Mid-June finds us up to our necks in an ocean of inspiration. We discovered useful social networking tactics, studied brochure design lessons, took advantage of a stampede of freebies, and focused on photography advice from the pros. Over the weekend you’ll find a few fascinating posts to peruse, too. See you on Monday when we stoke your creative fires again.


Tips & Bits schooled us on the use of LinkedIn for marketing. Proving, once again, that there’s more to life online than just Facebook and Twitter. (In light of LinkedIn’s recent IPO, let it be known that the author does not own any LNKD stock.)


The Art of Design opens a gallery that’s bursting at the seams with everything you need to become an expert on that marketing workhorse – the brochure. You’ll find a storehouse of reference material including templates and tutorials, ideas and inspiration, how-tos and workshops, examples and mockups.


Graphic Design Roundup wrangled up a massive and diverse menu including templates, tutorials, free buttons, fan page ideas, logo design tips, metal business card examples, package design ideas, free handwriting fonts, and freelance contract tips. When the dust settles, you can approach your keyboard and get back to work.


Photobomb blitzed us with a panorama of tutorials, photo blogging tips, a lesson on shooting in manual mode, a guide to using multiple flashes, a long list of stock photo sites, what to do when your memory card fails, and advice on taking beautiful portraits on the beach. Don’t forget to take off your lens caps and charge up your batteries!


Today is the day that we tie up all the loose ends left dangling from every assignment and project we started earlier in the week. (We want to embark on the weekend with a clear conscience, right?)


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and Grandpas within sight of this blog!

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