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London postcard exhibit envisions post-global warming future

As a reflection of how postcards elicit nostalgia and a sense of yearning, two British artists have compiled a series of postcards depicting an apocalyptic future of London as a result of global warming.

For the project – titled "London Futures: Postcards From The Future" – Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones digitally imposed images of a flooded downtown London, shanty towns around Buckingham Palace and a frozen River Thames as part of their recent exhibit at the Museum of London.

"The project began as a response to the 2008 G8 summit that addressed climate change," writes the staff at Green Muze. "The artists realized that climate change effects were difficult to envision for most people so they decided to present iconic London landmarks with a portrayal of how they may appear with the effects of climate change."

So as not to seem overly gloomy, the artists also included possible responses to climate change such as windmills lining London streets.

The Museum of London exhibit will continue until March 6th, 2011.

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