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Top 5 Reasons to Start Using QR Codes for Your Small Business

Recently updated on October 19th, 2023 at 07:06 am

Quick Response Codes or QR codes have brought us further into the age of digital convenience.

Across various industries, QR codes have seeped into business processes. This includes networking, advertising, downloadable menus, contactless payments, and so much more.

Fun fact: QR codes have been around since 1994. They were developed by a Japanese company called Denso Wave to track auto parts during the assembly process.

Source: Britannica

The growing popularity of QR codes is proof of the rich possibilities of their application.
According to Business Insider, “The number of US smartphone users scanning a QR code will increase from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million in 2025.”

Is it time for you to adapt? Let’s find out.


1. Lead Offline Connections to Your Online Presence

QR codes on business cards power your networking. It takes advantage of face-to-face interactions to promote your business’ digital presence.

You can only highlight the most important information due to limited space. By adding a QR code, you create a prompt for new contacts to learn more about you and your work all in a single tap.

And you have full control of what you want them to see or do – depending on your goal.

If you’re an online content creator, you can direct them to your social media pages. If you’re a maker or an artist, you can take them to your shop or portfolio.



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“Adding a unique design with a QR code seemed like a challenge for most printing companies but NextDayFlyers made it happen. NextDayFlyers made the process super simple, quick, and cost-efficient.” – Trent Owens, Psdnym Films


2. Intensify Your Marketing and Promotional Efforts

Networking is not only a space for swapping contact details. It also gives you a chance to showcase your brand!

For exhibitors, it’s worth considering adding a QR code to your event signs.

It’s a fast and convenient way to give them access to extra information that you couldn’t fit in your banner. And you don’t have to stop there.



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Parker Curry‘s holiday book signing event at Malik Books.
At age six, Parker is already a NY Times bestselling author with
two published works under her name.

If you’re a performer, QR codes make perfect additions to your stage display. Set it up where your audience can scan the code linked to your streaming platforms.

Give it a quick mention during your set so guests are aware of how and where they can learn more about you. It’s present but unassertive so it doesn’t interfere with your performance.



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This custom retractable banner is a common sight in many
of Kirstie Kraus‘ live performances.

“A banner at a show with a name like mine is so helpful
for people to find us on social media.”

Read Kirstie’s story here!


3. Add Value to Your Event or In-Store Giveaways

Postcards are effective and affordable promotional tools you can give to customers.

With more artwork space, you can explore creative ways to make your postcard design appealing to your audience.

Add QR codes to the mix to make it interactive!

QR codes encourage interaction between your print product and the customer. Use it to offer discounts, give away seats to events, or allow them to get first dibs on new product drops.

It could be anything you want to highlight while adding value to your postcard. They’re more likely to be kept and shared that way.



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HOUSE OF PAIN TATTOO™️ makes a bold statement with a black and gold combo.
And that’s not the only combo there is – these postcards power up their value
with a discount and a QR code.

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4. Encourage First Time or Repeat Sale

Building your client base is a massive hurdle when you’re starting out. With limited leads, there are also lesser opportunities to make a sale.

Now, how can QR codes help you here?

Don’t put all your eggs in online ads. Set up a tabletop banner or hand out flyers in high-traffic areas. Install signage where people can scan your QR code to avail exclusive offers.

Pair this with compelling lead generation magnets covering a multitude of opt-in scenarios.

It can be a newsletter sign up or a social media mention in exchange for a product sampler or a first-order discount.

By incentivizing brand introductions, you can make it easier to convince potential customers that your product or service offers a solution to their problem. They just need to give it a try.

Replicate this approach for repeat orders and establish brand loyalty down the road.



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5. Offer Contactless Payment

QR codes for contactless payment rose to global preference at the height of strict social distancing protocols.

It provides faster, contactless transactions while eliminating extra steps during payment. A convenience many consumers prefer. Which is why scan-to-pay pop-ups remain popular today.

You can see them printed on tabletop banners, table tents, or mounted posters. They continue to be a common sight at retail stores, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Can you think of another good reason why small businesses should start using QR codes?
Sound off in the comments below.

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