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How to Market Your Business for Free with 8 Groundbreaking New Apps

Man! There’s a heck of a lot of apps out there to choose from and I’d say that 90% of them are utter bunkum! The following apps, however, are pretty awesome and what’s more, they’re free! So if you want to know how to market your business, or manage it from your smart device, we recommend the following freebies to help with marketing strategies for small business owners.

launch rock app review

LaunchRock – Create pre-Launch Landing Pages with Analytics

LaunchRock helps other companies launch their websites via a landing page where beta users can sign up. By importing or entering an email list, prospective customers are directed to the landing page and encouraged to sign up for more information. It integrates social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter and provides a unique URL for sharing and access to analytics for your site.

It’s a great way to start building a customer email and contact list before you’ve even launched.

fring app review

Fring – For On-the-Go Business Video Conferencing

Some professions require almost constant face-to-face conversations with managers and co-workers, especially in hospitality, event planning, construction management, and many other businesses whose bosses are off-site for much of the time. For these individuals, Fring, a free Web-based videoconference service that can connect up to four people at the same time can be a life-saving tool.

It allows you to make video calls from a Web browser, Android device, iPad, or iPhone. It does rely on the other person to have Fring installed, but unlike remote industry leader, Skype, it has a ton more features like 4-way conferencing, chat room mode, and voice only calling.

cal heads up review

Cal –  Heads Up (Update) for Managing Meetings

Cal is one of the one of the best and most popular calendar apps for android. But what people may not be aware of is the new update for meetings called HeadsUp that gives users the ability to synchronize all of the important elements of a meeting via quick buttons, i.e. send an email to attendees that you could be running late, record audio or video, snap a whiteboard photo, send a summary email of what happened in the meeting, or schedule a follow up. It can even schedule an Uber car to pick you up.

Note: Cal is available for iOS but the new update is only available on Android.

social mention app review

SocialMention – Put all Your Social in One Basket

Social Mention is a neat app allows you to track and measure what people are saying about you, your company across all major social platforms and the internet in real team. This means that you can actually see and respond to any complaints, questions, reviews, or positive feedback.

It also provides daily social media alerts and updated data on trending topics.

buffer app review

Buffer – Schedule Your Tweets

Buffer is a social media app that allows you to tweet on a schedule and buffer your tweets and posts to social media accounts. Like a simplified version of HootSuite, you are able to control and view messaging and look at analytics, such as the most retweets, mentions, clicks, potential audience exposure, and favorites.

On the downside, you have to install a host of plugins and extensions to get everything acting in unison.

roambi app review

Roambi – Turns Data into Cute Charts or Graphs

If you want to easily present and share analytics from a smart device, then Roambi is for you. Roambi takes data from anywhere and transforms it into a more digestible graphical form that helps you understand your numbers better. Perfect for field reporting, data publishing, or just for getting to know data and how it relates to your business.

They also have some really neat dashboards and views to make your data look a bit sexier.

cardflick_app review

CardFlick – Digital Business Card Sharing

Card hope that you never use a paper business card again? While we don’t agree with this statement in any shape or form, we do think this is a pretty neat app (there have been a few of these kinds of apps but this actually looks really nice) that stores your card info and the info from other cards you’ve swapped with. The app enables you to create a digital business card with your contact information, social-media accounts, and a photo, and then digitally “bump” swap it with other CardFlick users.

Well worth downloading but has a major flaw: Both parties must have the app to exchange details.

evernote review

Evernote – For making notes and collecting research

Evernote is a brilliant note-taking app that enables you to take notes, clip web pages, store images, record audio memos, and then share them across devices and among coworkers.

I would recommend trying out the free version before going premium for the full features.


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