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Fontastic Bacon Alphabet

If you’ve been searching for the perfect font, then you’ve come to the right place. On this blog site, we’ve shown you business cards made out of biscuits and flyers made from beef jerky! We’ve also presented our most hated fonts. Now, we are pleased to present our absolute favorite font made from our absolute favorite thing in the world!

Henry Hargreaves has created a sizzling font made entirely from bacon! Yeah! You heard me… BACON!!!

Boasting a successful career as a model for famous fashion houses including Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, and Jil Sander, model-turned-photographer Hargreaves has created a bacon alphabet. Over the course of two afternoons, Hargreaves and prop stylist, Sarah Guido created and shot uppercase letters of the Old English Gothic font.

I’m sure it was an absolute pig to do, but I really hope Henry revisits this project and does a fully-cooked version of his bacon alphabet. Hey, Henry! I like mine extra-crispy, please!

font made from bacon


letter e made from bacon


letter r made from bacon


letter s made from bacon


letter z made from bacon


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2 thoughts on “Fontastic Bacon Alphabet

  1. is there any way to download this font to use? would be much appreciated, I am just someone who makes shirts for fun and for local bands around me and would really love to use this on a design

  2. Hey Nick,

    Unfortunately, this font is more of an artistic project created by a talented photographer and designer. There’s more graphical bacon fonts, such as this: available for download if you wanted something that you can turn into text.

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