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Folding Options for your Brochure

When you start to design a printed publication, it is always important to have in mind what the final product will look like in your customer’s hands. An essential element of that design is the folding or finishing. What are the factors that one must consider when preparing a printed product that will need to be folded?

  1. The starting and final dimensions of the product.
    • How much information will need to be conveyed with this publication?
    • How will it be distributed?
      • If mailed, remember, the cost of postage is determined by the weight and dimensions. Also, if it is a standalone mailing piece, it may need to be tabbed for mailing.
      • Will it need to fit into a certain size envelope?
      • Will it need to fit into a display rack?
  2. The number of panels or sections that the information and graphics will require.
    • Are your graphics the appropriate size for the panels and/or the group of panels?
    • Will the text flow through the panels?

The standard printing sizes for folded brochures are 11” x 8.5”, 14” x 8.5”, 17” x 11”, and 25.5” x 11”. For consistency throughout the descriptions, the dimensions are listed as width x height.

These popular folding methods and can be used with all of the standard printing sizes listed above. These methods, listed in approximate order of their popularity are:

Trifold Bifold
Z-Fold Accordian Fold
Double Parallel Fold Parallel Map Fold
French Fold Gate Fold

We are proud to announce that we have added new folding options and now offer all of these on our brochures, all easy to order on our website! Check them out in detail at our Help Center.

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