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Month: May 2009

Poster Power – Poster Design, Marketing, and Printing

We’ve all seen them – those big stand-out movie posters that are often better than the movie itself. Like miniature, inexpensive, billboards,1 effective posters with innovative designs, catchy text, and colorful presentations, are noticed and remembered. Poster printing will give you the exposure you need for a mass audience.2 An effective poster, that people just want to have and hang up, or even just talk about, can work like an offline viral marketing campaign – great for your return on investment.

Sweet Spot #5: Party Dots for the Spot

Do you love glow bracelets as much as I do? Is your favorite part about the Holidays the light-adorned buildings and trees? When you go to Vegas, could you have just as much fun looking at the neon signs as gambling? Maybe I have a raver inside me, crying to get out, or maybe I am like a puppy with an attention problem; but I can’t get enough of lights! Call me crazy, but my favorite colors (I haven’t forgotten you, purple!) are Sparkly and Glow-in-the-Dark. They’re real colors, I promise!

Graphic Design Advice – Interview with Professional Designer, Mark Valenzuela

What inspires a graphic designer? How do they come up with some of the creative images we see every day on websites and emails or any type of business advertisement? For anyone starting out or even a seasoned design expert, we can all learn new things by picking the brains of other graphic artists and swap some of their secrets and sources for inspiration.