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Sweet Spot #5: Party Dots for the Spot

Do you love glow bracelets as much as I do? Is your favorite part about the Holidays the light-adorned buildings and trees? When you go to Vegas, could you have just as much fun looking at the neon signs as gambling? Maybe I have a raver inside me, crying to get out, or maybe I am like a puppy with an attention problem; but I can’t get enough of lights! Call me crazy, but my favorite colors (I haven’t forgotten you, purple!) are Sparkly and Glow-in-the-Dark. They’re real colors, I promise!

Working in the Marketing Design Department at Next Day Flyers, I sometimes pull samples of orders we print off the press; anything that catches my eye for inspiration. One day, a new brochure for a company called Party Dots caught my eye, and I have never been the same.

Party Dots are small self-adhesive LED lights that you can stick to anything! I imagined visions of a sparkling pink house, a glowing front porch, a radiant living room, and a new shimmering desk… everything…only prettier! I immediately bought 100 in the variety pack and used them for a girl’s night out; you can bet everyone at the club knew who was in our party! I never had a problem finding my friend’s stroller at Disneyland… My nephew tricked out his DS Lite… and my desk… it’s never been prettier. The LED lasts forever on these little batteries too! – About 10 days. Now, glow bracelets at night time just aren’t enough. The bar has been set higher… I’m about to place another order for 500 more! I can’t wait to tell Party Dots how I’ve brightened my world!

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3 thoughts on “Sweet Spot #5: Party Dots for the Spot

  1. Party dots rock the house. Wore a couple with some 80’s gear for The Spazmatics in Long Beach, and everybody was asking for some. Good thing we had a big bag of them!!

    Sweet Spot FTW!

    Also, if you click the pic, it’ll take you to the party dots website, where you can find out how to purchase them…

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