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Quick Fire Questions: The Pearl at Crawford Farm

The Pearl, also known as the Missouri Wedding Barn, is located at Crawford Farm one mile south of Hamilton, Missouri. It’s a mid-1800’s style barn constructed with rough-sawn oak timbers and wooden pegs.

The Pearl at Crawford Farm
The Pearl at Crawford Farm

It features a 30-foot vaulted ceiling and a wrap-around loft lighted with iron chandeliers. The timber staircase offers a perfect grand entrance for a bride’s debut and makes for a gorgeous photo backdrop.

The Pearl's Timber Staircase
The Pearl’s Timber Staircase – ©Tannah Terry Photography

Situated on a ridge overlooking Tom Creek valley, the venue beholds a spectacular view. Wildlife, like turkey and deer, often make appearances to enhance the scene.

A Modern Venue in a Stunning Rustic Barn

Lana and John Crawford own and operate Crawford Farm. Over the span of 25 years, the couple has transformed a small, run-down farm into a home and haven.

Rainbow Over The Pearl at Crawford Farm
Rainbow Over The Pearl at Crawford Farm

The Pearl is the crowning jewel on their many years of hard work. It’s a newly-built, rustic-style barn that exudes a strong beauty and features modern amenities for weddings, events, and conferences.

Quick Fire Questions

About The Pearl at Crawford Farm

Can you tell us what inspired The Pearl wedding barn?

“I am a retired elementary school administrator, my husband works at a local bank, and we own and operate a beef cattle farm. I’m used to being very busy and wanted something more to do after retirement.

“The idea came to me while we were organizing and decorating for our kids’ wedding. We have the perfect location to build a barn, and have 6 grown kids with a variety of skills to aid with constructing and operating a venue. It’s been a family affair and something we enjoy working on together.”

When did you open?

“We had our first wedding on October 27, 2018 for a local girl and former student of mine. I worked with her parents at school for 25 years.”

Newlyweds and Scenic View at Crawford Farm
Newlyweds and Scenic View at Crawford Farm

Where did the vision of the wedding barn come from?

“I love historic buildings and enjoy visiting them at every opportunity. John and I both have farming backgrounds and spent time in barns tending livestock and putting up hay. We drew inspiration from old barns on each of our family farms.

The Pearl's Iron Chandeliers
The Pearl’s Iron Chandeliers

“I also grew up near an Amish community, which inspired the post and beam construction method. Many of the trees used for the beams were cut specifically for our barn. All of the wood is native Missouri timber.”

Promoting The Pearl at Crawford Farm

What are some of the activities you do to make your community aware of your event center?

“We live in a rural community where people know each other and projects like The Pearl are points of discussion. During the building phase, we used social media to keep the community up to date and help everyone feel like part of the process. The Pearl is now host to high school proms, business parties, and family celebrations.

“In addition to word of mouth, we participate in bridal shows in neighboring towns where we display and hand out our brochures.”

The Pearl at Crawford Farm Brochures Printed by NextDayFlyers
The Pearl at Crawford Farm Brochures Printed by NextDayFlyers

Any success stories you’d like to share?

“I consider it a success every time someone visits The Pearl and wants us to host their wedding. I love to watch people’s faces when they enter the barn. We put a great deal of effort into the details, so it makes us unique.”

Painting a Picture With Brochures

Thanks for working with NextDayFlyers. How have you put your brochures to use?

“We use our brochure at bridal shows, leave them at area businesses, hand them to visitors, and share them with our vendors. They provide a visual that a business card can’t. As an educator, I know how important visuals are to triggering interest and solidifying memory and recall. People can’t always remember a name, but a picture with your business name is beneficial to assist memory and helps increase business.”

How did you find the overall printing experience?

“Our experience has been nothing but positive. The brochures are everything we expected and the service was great. We received them promptly with great follow up to ensure our satisfaction.”

Our experience has been nothing but positive. The brochures are everything we expected and the service was great. Click To Tweet

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Experience The Pearl at Crawford Farm

The Pearl seats up to 300 guests. They offer packages for a variety of events, like weddings, parties, reunions, and more.

Facebook: ThePearlCrawfordFarm
Instagram: thepearlweddingbarn

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