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Category: Business

Funny Cartoon Business Cards from ‘The Simpsons’

I’m a superduper Simpsons fan. One of my favorite aspects of the show is the writers’ use of funny slogans on signs, invitations, billboards, and business cards. For this post, I’ve collected 10 pictures from ‘The Simpsons’. Most of these pics are of business cards of various characters. I also included a pic of Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s actual business card *and* a billboard for Dr. Nick Riviera. Maybe you could use some of these business card designs when designing your business card. Probably not. But maybe. Enjoy!

Small Business, Big Marketing: 10 Tips for High Impact Marketing on a Small Business Budget

All businesses, no matter their size, aim to maximize their marketing budget. But for small businesses, with little to no financial elbow-room, it can mean the difference between profit and failure. Here are 10 tips for creating high impact marketing on a small business budget.

Inspiration for Your Brand Identity Logo Makeover

For many businesses there are certain junctures when they have to consider creating a new brand identity. For instance, updating a brand logo so it’s more modern is a fairly common reason for making over a brand identity. Other reasons might be the need broaden appeal or your current products or services are not accurately reflected in your current identity. If you find yourself in need of making over your brand logo, here are some inspirational images showing how some logos have changed over time.  (Please note, some of these brand logos may have changed even more since original posting of images).

Using the Cross Media Marketing Advantage

One of the first noteworthy cross media marketing incidences occurred in 1977. The movie Saturday Night Fever was released – along with its respective sound track. Cross media marketing is, in essence, cross channel promotions with customers being given a response option in another channel. For instance, send a direct mail postcard with an invitation for an exclusive offer if they go to a particular URL. Cross media marketing at its best is integrated, highly targeted, and effective.