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Month: February 2011

Day Jobbing and Night Baking #2: Choose Your Audience

Welcome back to Day Jobbing and Night Baking! Last month, I hope you were super busy cranking out that business plan. You may have even sold a product or two. Who cares if it was to your mom/brother/bestfriend? The point is you’ve taken that first leap and put your business out there. You’ve already started making a name for yourself so congratulations!

The Business Cards of Tech Giants

The other day I was doing research for a small project, and I happened to stumble upon one of Bill Gates’ original business cards. Obviously, things turned out fantastic for him. He made a fantastic product that ultimately changed our lives forever, and it is very possible that his business card helped get him to where he is today. I wonder who he gave it to first. Perhaps they thought to themselves, “Oh wow! This is a fantastic business card! This guy is going places. I’ll buy from him.” Well, it probably didn’t happen like that, but it could happen for you. You just need a great business card, right?!?