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Month: March 2011

What’s Next: Creative Ways to Use A Bookmark Other Than As A Bookmark

The venerable bookmark isn’t just good for marking your place in that book or magazine you’re reading. In fact, it appears that the book itself has been turned into “kindling” and the magazine into bird cage liner. People are reading less and viewing videos more.

Day Jobbing & Night Baking #3: Maximize Your Productivity

Building a business can be exhausting especially during the first year. If you’re working a full-time job and starting a small business, the risk of burn out is doubled. Time management is crucial to your success! Now is the perfect time to establish healthy work habits that promote maximum productivity. Here are a few tips…

The Art of Design #9: Tickets

This week’s Art of Design covers one of the most under-rated printed design piece, the Ticket. From concert tickets to movie tickets to tickets to a wedding, this fun way of record keeping can really give excitement to the person going to an event, before they even walk in the door. As well, it’s something they save for years, after they walk out of the door, to always remember the event. Why create something bland when it may end up in a scrap book 50 years from now!

That’s why we’ve focused on a variety of Ticket types with tutorials, design tips, tons of inspiration, and any resources that we could find to help you make the best joy-reminder you can! This week on The Art of Design: Tickets.