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Month: December 2010

Photobomb#10: 10 Free Photography E-Books

Check this out, people! I have collected 10 FREE very cool Photography E-books for you. These books will cover everything that you will need to get started with some serious photography from basic lighting, composition, macro photography, Lightroom tricks and how to capture perfect photos throughout the COLD Holiday Season. I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year filled with prosperity and good health. Enjoy and Keep shooting!

Beyond Design: Juliet Annerino

Juliet Annerino is a singer and composer of jazz, neo-soul and lounge. Her first foray into performing began in the subways of Chicago, where she learned to perform for a diverse and challenging audience. Her talent has taken her across the world and she has performed at concert halls, nightclubs, festivals, theaters and private events in Chicago, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, New York City, Los Angeles, Cairo(Egypt), Amsterdam(Holland), Paris(France), Goa(India), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy) and Beirut (Lebanon).