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Using the Cross Media Marketing Advantage

One of the first noteworthy cross media marketing incidences occurred in 1977. The movie Saturday Night Fever was released – along with its respective sound track. Cross media marketing is, in essence, cross channel promotions with customers being given a response option in another channel. For instance, send a direct mail postcard with an invitation for an exclusive offer if they go to a particular URL. Cross media marketing at its best is integrated, highly targeted, and effective.

Cross media channels can include, among others:

  • online search ads
  • display ads
  • social media
  • video
  • direct mail
  • print
  • television
  • Email






Tips for Effective Cross Media Marketing

  • present your potential customers with an exclusive offer to drive them to another medium
  • recreate the same colors and look across all channels so customer’s aren’t surprised (consistent branding)
  • know your customers so you can offer best products and services for their needs
  • know your goals for each platform
  • track platform ROI
  • keep content fresh – update often
  • have a cross media plan.
    • ie: use a newspaper flyer insert to promote website/social media
    • while using a blog to promote webinars or whitepapers
    • while using linkedin to promote blog and videos
    • while using Twitter to promote YouTube and Flickr
    • and then using an e-newsletter to promote Facebook and Twitter

Utilizing a multi-channel cross media marketing approach can give you a distinct advantage over your competitors and give you great results.

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