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The Business Card: Impress GDP

Recently updated on February 9th, 2021 at 04:56 pm

We had the privilege and opportunity to interview Victor Mera from Impress GDP for our new blog feature, The Business Card. Impress GDP has been a customer of ours for over seven years, and we’ve both learned from each other throughout the years. We truly value our relationship and are very excited to kick off our featured business segment with Impress GDP.


NDF: Tell us about Impress GDP

Impress GDP: We are a graphic design and printing company located in the heart of Los Angeles. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality printing service in the shortest time.  At Impress GDP, the philosophy is to create a partnership with our customers and vendors in order to meet the most demanding deadlines. We view ourselves as an extension of our customers’ business, and we work to ensure that all the printing and design projects are representative of their company.

NDF: How long have you been in business?

Impress GDP: Impress Graphic Design + Printing has been in business since 2000.  When we first opened our doors we were located in the city of Lawndale, right next door to the old Next Day Flyers Torrance office.  Initially we only handled the flyer design aspect for our clients.  At that time the biggest issue facing our customers was the ability to get their club flyer designs and/or business cards design printed in 1-2 days.  This problem was even worse when faced with finding a commercial offset printer in the South Bay or Los Angeles who offered this printing service.  They turned to us for a solution and we began to network with other graphic designers in Los Angeles.  In the beginning we partnered with these graphic designers, and even other print shops, to put together print runs in order to produce the flyers in 1-2 days.  This was a huge advantage against other printers who would take 5-7 days to turn the same product around.   Eventually in 2003, we learned about a company called Next Day Flyers. We saw this as a great opportunity because of their location and their turnaround time. We setup a meeting and were able to establish a great relationship which has kept going strong over the years!

NDF: What was the reason the business was started?

Impress GDP: During college I was involved in a pet project called University Connection. It was a college magazine and social network site.  As a service to college organizations we started to offer flyer design and printing.  This turned out to be the most consistent revenue, as we did not have too many advertisers.   In order to separate the magazine from the flyer design service I created Impress GDP. The idea at the time was to grow Impress Printing and have those revenues offset the cost of printing the Magazine. Once we had established solid revenue I was able to publish more magazines, and also negotiate with print vendors to get good terms along with killer pricing.

NDF: What does your business do better than anyone else?

Impress GDP: Rush orders. Whether it is a booklet, banner, poster, stickers, t- shirts or flyers, we can design it and get it printed in time!   This is why Next Day Flyers has been such a huge asset.  NDF has been our goto printer for all next day flyer orders and rush business card orders. We have even used them for some same day jobs and they have always delivered.  Over the last 11 years we have been able to establish great relationships with vendors which allows us to produce most printing items with the fastest turnaround.

NDF: What are the goals of your business?

Our primary goal to grow our business by bringing back the personal touch.

Impress GDP: Short term goal is to revamp our website and add more features to make the online order processing easier. we have had our current site for a while now and it is outdated with todays technology.

Our long term goal is to expand to the east coast. I would love to have a New York Printer or Miami Printing location.

NDF: What types of customers do you serve?

Impress GDP: The majority of our print and design work comes from small businesses. The most common type are realtors looking for business cards, promoters looking for flyers, and all the last minute people who need flyers right away.

NDF: Are there any big events coming up related to your business?

Impress GDP: I am really excited about our new online printing website which is scheduled to be online in early Jan./Feb. 2011.  Other than that we have been brainstorming on the best way to market our business.

NDF: What do you like most about your business?

Impress GDP: The customers! It is great to meet the different business owners and people who have become more like friends. It is also fantastic to walk into a business in Los Angeles and see one of the flyers we designed, or printed, sitting on the counter.

NDF: What future things do you see for your industry?

Impress GDP: Graphic Design and Printing has become extremely competitive. With the advent of Google and other search engines, it is now easier for your customers to find other options close by.   I do not see it stopping anytime soon, and the best way to adapt is to flow with the market and then create a niche for yourself.  I believe that NICHE websites, or custom products, is going to be best way to capture a client’s attention. This year we branded Downtown LA Printer in order to give clients an easy point of reference as to where we were located and what we did.

NDF: Tell me something about your business that few people would know.

Impress GDP: Lol. Tough question. We pride ourselves on being pretty transparent so it’s hard to divulge anything new – it’s all already out there. But if I think of any I’ll let you know.

NDF: What advice would you give to people who want to enter your industry?

Impress GDP: Personal attention. The only thing that ultimately separates you from other designers and printers is that personal touch.  Clients love to be taken care of and to feel important. They will be willing to pay extra for that special attention. I also would also pay close attention to creating a solid marketing plan as it is the most effective tool you can use to obtain and retain customers.

NDF: What else would you like to share with us?

Impress GDP: We have been very satisfied and content with the service and people at Next Day Flyers. It has been great to see how large NDF has grown over the years, and we look forward to a continued solid relationship.

The Business Card is our newest blog feature based on an interview with a featured NDF business – sent to thousands across the country – great for creating new connections and clients! The article will focus on what your business does, how you use NDF for your business and tips you can give to other businesses like yourself that would help them on their journey! Find out more and submit your business now! (this line will be the link to the “The Business Card” landing page)


If you would like your business featured by Next Day Flyers, as part of The Business Card, and seen by thousands of prospective clients, please submit it here!

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