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Beyond Design : Graphic Designers – We want to Feature You!

Beyond Design is our newest blog feature based on an interview with a different graphic designer every month – sent to thousands across the country – great for creating new connections and business! The article will focus on what you do BEYOND DESIGN. Are you also a musician? A writer? A painter? A big Hollywood actor? We want to know what artistic talent you have in addition to graphic design and feature that talent; as well as the graphic design pieces you’ve printed with Next Day Flyers. Simply fill out our short survey with your information and we will be picking a new designer to feature every month.

Graphic Designers – Tell us about your talent!

More Details!

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Design : Graphic Designers – We want to Feature You!

  1. I am a self-taught “fine artist/designer”. I paint images of cats, (and a few dogs) in bright, vivid colors. I would love to be interviewed on your blog. I receive your emails – though I do not know if I have an “official” account with you. I would be happy to start one, however. I will tell you whatever else you would like to know about me, if I am chosen. I believe I have an interesting story to tell. Besides trying to make a living doing my art, I also donate frequently to dog and cat organizations for fund-raisers. I have my own personal objective which is to raise money for breast cancer research; and cancer & FIP research for animals called: “Cats for the Cure” TM. In this way, I can help the causes I believe in, through my artwork. My tiles and t-shirts (licensed art), and original artwork sell throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world. I am a breast cancer survivor, which is what prompted me to start my own fund-raising project. I paint “real” animals that belong to my friends, family, and customers. I have plans to write a book about the cat and dog “characters” I have developed over the years. I recently completed a extensive commission for a couple that took me 8 months. It was something that I would like to do again – and find a way to promote. I think there might be a niche market for it – but I need to reach out to the right customers. This project would entail painting people’s animals in their home environments. One possible name for the project is “Lifestyles of Cats (and Dogs) at Their Place of Residence”. Another, “LIfestyles of the Rich and Famous and Their Furry Family Members”. I work very hard, yet I still struggle to make enough money. A little help from your company could do wonders to help me promote my business and obtain some new customers. Thank you. Claudia Sanchez

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