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20 New Fan Created TV Art Posters

Recently updated on October 16th, 2014 at 01:02 pm

This is the second of our fan created art posters blogs, this time, it’s concentrating on the world of TV with a selection of sublimely brilliant TV art posters that celebrate our favorite shows and characters. These recent pieces were created by outrageously talented artists who have made these posters as tributes to the shows they love. Often surpassing the actual marketing posters from these shows, these art posters and prints are true examples of fan art – taking the original material and producing something original and appealing for other fans of the show.

Here are our selection of the 20 best fan created TV art posters that represent the most popular shows and recent hits:

1. The Big Bang Theory

tv show posters big bang theory

Original Source:

Amanda Clegg from the UK created this stunning Big Bang Theory piece using pencil, scanner, tablet and Photoshop…Bazinga!!!

2.The Walking Dead

walking dead fanboy art

Original source:

This Walking Dead artwork by artist Edward Julian Moran II is so cinematic – a wonderfully unique take on the zombie poster with superb use of negative space and composition.

3. Breaking Bad

breaking bad fan poster

Original source:

Atlanta designer, Jared Erickson, created this outstanding Breaking Bad fan poster that is beautifully composed, showing Walt and Jesse in perfect unison.

4. Doctor Who

dr. who fan poster

Original source:

The Doctor & Clara by Alice Zhang is an unbelievably skilled mixed-media portrait of the latest Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) and his time travelling companion.

5. Mad Men


Original source:

This fan art of  the gentleman scoundrel, Don Draper, is sublimely executed by Garett Prentice in his “digital pointillism” art style. Massively complex, his unique artistic vision adds a whole new element to the Mad Men protagonist.

 6. American Horror Storyamerican horror story fan art

Original source:

This amazing fan art by Needle Design who are experts in art posters and prints, represents the first season of American Horror Story. It’s subtle but massively creepy! Take a closer look at the image and you’ll see what I mean!

7. Sons of Anarchy


This beautifully penciled Sons of Anarchy fan art poster by Evan Shoman shows Jax and the gang in cinematic poses- the detail in this pencil artwork is astounding!

8. Game of Thrones

game of thrones fan art

game of thrones fan art

game of thrones fan art

Original source:

The exceptionally talented artist, Robert M Ball, has created a piece of Game of Thrones fan art to coincide with every episode of the show. His artwork is so clever, expressive, and cinematic that it’s of no surprise that this Beautiful Death series has won him much online praise and admiration from fans of the show.

9. True Detective

true detective fan art

true detective fan art

Original source:

Hart and Cohle from True Detective have been elegantly captured in this series of digital pieces. They reflect the graphics and style of the series most faithfully.

10. Homeland

homeland fan poster art

homeland fan poster art

homeland fan poster art

Original source:

Mattson Creative had the inspired idea to create a whole series of vintage jazz covers to reflect the golden age of murder, intrigue, and suspense – a perfect graphical fit for the show with classic political thriller themes and storytelling.

11. Agents of Shield

agents of shield fan art

Original source:

This Agents of Shield art poster is a literal “topsy-turvy” look at the show whose conflicted characters are not always what they seem! Wonderfully rendered by  Phantom City Creative, this is definitely one for the fanboy collector.

12. Orange is the New Black

orange is the new black art poster

Original source:

This art poster by John Anderson was entered into an online competition for the OITNB series. It’s full of fun and humor and reflects the mood of the series perfectly (it’s also a great character reference.)

 13. Arrow

arrow tv show fan art

Original source:

This cool concept digital  illustration by Norbface is a simple idea that totally hits-the-mark as far effective poster graphics go.

14. Once Upon a Time

once upon a time fan art

Original source:

This is a superbly illustrated poster by Italian artist Robbertopoli whose traditional illustration skills give this artwork a storybook feel.


Original source:,127222,15806321,Swietny_plakat_Rosinskiego_do__Wikingow____Amerykanie.html

The all-conquering Ragnor has been perfectly drawn and painted by legendary Polish illustrator, Grzegorz Rosinski. A fantastic example of traditional illustration.


hannibal fan art

Original source:

An amazingly art directed show that warrants the same level of graphical brilliance in its fan art. And Russian artist Erebus Odora did not disappoint with this wonderfully composed and rendered illustration.

17. Sleepy Hollow

sleepy hollow fan art

sleepy hollow fan art poster

Original source:

Comic artist Francesco Francavilla created these inspired posters for season one of Sleepy Hollow- wonderfully spooky and graphic.

 18. Dexter

dexter tv show

Original source:

This art poster by minimalist artist, Albert Exergian is everything you want in a poster and nothing you don’t. It visually encompasses the entire show by using this simple graphical device of the blood samples that is also an easily recognizable element from the show itself.

19. Boardwalk Empire

boardwalk empire fan art

Original source:

Artist, V1tal, created  this art nouveau  inspired illustration that perfectly captures the art and aesthetic of the show era…absolutely superb!

20. House of Cards

house of cards fan art

Original source:

Artist Ben Whitesell has imaginatively captured the crocodile tears of Frank Underwood in this propaganda style art poster that is reminiscent of some of the highly graphical  political art from recent years.

 That’s it for our awesome TV art posters list! If you want to see more fan art, please take a look at our other popular posts:

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