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Top 50 Fan Art Movie Posters

Recently updated on September 29th, 2017 at 12:55 am

Fan art is a strange but wonderful thing. Thanks largely to artblogs and portfolio sites, a new sub-culture of design has been created that pays homage to the tv shows and movies that we love. Often created as part of a college project (a favorite design brief of many design instructors) the movie poster is a way for designers and artists to practice their design and visual communication skills.

The results can be amazing! So good, in fact, that the fan version of the movie poster is often better than the original! The real movie posters often lack the visual cleverness that we see in the fan art versions. These particular poster designs have been created by extremely talented artists and designers who have used amazing visual language, artistic skill, and conceptual thinking to create some inspirational work. I hope that these designs inspire you in your own poster design work!

the artist movie poster

Simply amazing digital artwork by Richard Davis for his interpretation of The Artist movie

drive movie poster

Brilliant neon cool 8o’s vibe for this 80’s aesthetic movie

ferris buellers day off movie poster

Ferris Bueller gets a classic 50’s makeover in this brilliant poster by Mark Welser

ghost rider movie poster

The design on this is so rad by Nicole Antonian, I actually want to see this version of the movie!!?!

I’m such a fan of these games! I wish this really was a movie (fantastic illustration by Pikazilla)

bride of Frankenstein movie poster

James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein is an outstanding piece of design, illustration and digital mastery

taxi driver movie poster

Minimal design by Olly Moss that is so bold and eye-catching! (based on the famous mirror scene; “you looking at me”)

Simply brilliant piece of design and typography!

sweeney todd movie posterAmazing illustration by Christine Griffin – love this style

Simple but so visually clever and witty!

batman returns movie posterSuperb retro vector illustration by Tom Whalen

the exorcist movie posterCreepily brilliant illustration by Elif Cinbaşfor a creepily brilliant movie

inception movie posterGreat concept and great execution by Sēbastián

fight club movie poster

This Fight Club poster by Chris Morkaut has all the edgy brilliance of the movie

simpsons movie posterExceptional typographical treatment by Jerod Gibson

black swan movie posterAbsolutely love this poster by polish designer Piotr – dark, elegant, and beautiful

green lantern movie

James White’s is such a skilled digital designer. His version of the Green Lantern movie poster is tremendous!

contagion movie posterGraphic genius from Joel Amat Güell – love this Contagion movie poster

some like it hot movie posterI Just love this 50’s style cartoon illustration! Great poster from Atipo

tron movie posterAnother brilliant design from James White

vanilla sky movie posterGraphic brilliance from Abb-d Choudhury

the big lebowski movie posterTravis Price has created an amazingly complex digital illustration for his Big Lebowski tribute

captain america movie posterSublime piece of illustration for the Marvel film

Strong visual concept by Oscar Delgado

adjustment bureau movie poster Beautiful graphic design treatment for The Adjustment Bureau movie from Matt Needle

the burbs movie posterAnother super-cool movie poster by Mark Welser. Beautiful visual style that really pops.

oceans eleven movie poster

Another movie poster design by Richard Davies – breathtaking digital art mastery!

lock stock and two smoking barrels movie posterGreat typography and composition by “thescotters”

toy story movie posterJim Tuckwell has Combined two classics here for a funny and cool movie poster

avatar movie posterCool geometrical composition by Vangarde

the birds movie posterlove the 60’s vibe design from Corey Holms

black hole movie posterA super modern graphical treatment of this movie (makes the movie look far more interesting and cool than it actually is!)

american beauty movie posterAnother design by Grzegorz Domaradzki – about as graphically excellent as it gets!

the life aquatic movie posterThis life Aquatic movie poster by Akashisko is so 50’s cartoon cool

the dark night movie posterBrandon Schaefer’s poster is colorful, simple and visually cool!

public enemy number 1 movie posterStunning illustration and composition by Emmanuel-B

six string samurai movie posterBrilliantly striking image for the movie Six String Samurai by designer. James Anderson

the matrix movie posterAlex Eylar’s fantastic minimalist design

get carter movie posterGrzegorz Domaradzki who did this tribute to the British classic, Get Carter, is probably the greatest mixed media artist out there! His work is sublime!

pirates of the caribbean movie posterComplex illustration and wonderful composition by “MRMSTYLE”

moon movie posterCool vector poster of the Moon movie by Harry Gordon

xmen first class movie posterAnother amazing piece by Polish designer. Piotr – this cool 60’s style fits perfectly with the X Men First Class movie aesthetic

apocalypse now movie posterIncredible digital art interpretation of Apocalypse Now

pulp fiction vegetable movie posterFunny poster by Alexander Ovchinnikov! I’d love to see the eggplant version of this movie!

beauty and the beast movie posterVisually powerful image of this Disney classic by Monique Sterling

the hunger games movie posterBeautiful illustration by Alice X. Zhang of character Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games movie

sucker punch movie posterOne of my favorite artists going! Alex Pardee’s series of Sucker Punch posters are terrific

children of men movie posterAmazing design by Noah Hornstein – visually powerful and unnerving

60’s style illustrated chic by Rob Nichols – when Sean Connery was still young and dashing as bond!

zombieland movie poster

Another fantastic movie poster by Mark Crandall

Amazing digital skill from hyzak to create this concept poster for the upcoming Amazing Spiderman movie

the seventh seal movie posterFantastically simple but effective illustration for The Seventh Seal by artist, Atipo

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