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Reinforce Your Product Packaging With Gummed Paper Tape

Keep your boxes safe, secure, and tamper-free with gummed paper tape. These custom tapes are reinforced with fiberglass strands to add strength and durability. Once activated with water and placed on your shipping boxes, the tape bonds with the material, creating a strong, tamper-proof seal. Durable and effective for packages that will spend time in transit or in storage so you have the assurance that your products are always safe and secure.

Our reinforced gummed paper tapes are available in white and brown kraft material. You can choose from 15 print colors to create your design. Order your gummed paper tape today!

Create a Strong, Unbreakable Bond

Without leaving a trace, that is. Once the reinforced gummed paper tape is bonded with a box, it can’t be easily tampered with. Because of the fiberglass strands inside the tape, it can’t be ripped or torn apart by hand. To open the package, you will need a sharp tool such as a pair of scissors or a box cutter.

To apply the gummed paper tape, it needs to be activated with water. For large or commercial applications, we recommend using a dedicated tape dispenser. For application by hand, you can use a damp sponge to moisten the back of the gummed paper tape strips before sealing your packages.


Danielle 6 months ago
mikhaella.g 4 months ago

Our packaging tape is made of white reinforced paper with a water-activated adhesive. These are white kraft paper tapes that are reinforced with synthetic fibers.  It is best used on cartons and other paper-based packaging.



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