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Box Labels

Make your brand stand out on your packaging with box labels.

Why pay more for custom printed boxes when you can just put high-quality box labels bearing your brand on your packaging? With NextDayFlyers, you're assured of fast and efficient online printing services for all your branding needs, including bulk printing of custom box labels.

Custom Box Labels

Roll Labels
  • Apply by hand or with a dispenser
  • Easy to apply on boxes of all sizes
  • Custom shapes and sizes
Kiss Cut Labels
  • Design and print on label borders
  • Easy to peel and apply
  • Custom sizes available
Sheet Labels
  • Standard and custom sheet sizes
  • Easily stacked and stored
  • Easy to peel and apply
Metallic Sheet Labels
  • Print in metallic colors and gradients
  • Ideal for premium product labeling
  • Protective high-gloss UV coating
Warning Labels
  • For product warnings, usage, & more
  • Waterproof and durable material
  • Standard shapes and custom sizes

How Can I Design Effective Box Labels?

Your box label is not just there to draw the attention of potential customers. It's also important in building a brand identity for your business. To help you get started on designing a box label for your brand, check out the following tips:

1. Be Original

The first tip is originality. Your design should not only be memorable, but also unique. Copying your competitor's design will result in all sorts of legal troubles for you and can also cost you customers who might feel deceived and misled by the design you copied.

2. Check out Color Psychology for Reference

Aside from its influence on human emotions, your choice of colors can have an impact on consumer purchasing behavior. Choosing the right color palette for your brand has the ability to make or break it. That is why you should consider basing your design colors on the emotions or feelings that you want to be associated with your brand. Do you want it to convey relaxation? Then go for green. The same goes with black and stability, white and security, and gray and trust.

3. Consider Readability

When creating a design, sometimes less is more. Your brand cannot shine with a crowded design, and it may turn off potential customers. Furthermore, your key message might be lost in the unnecessary elements in your label design.

4. Use NextDayFlyer's Online Design Tool

Create box label designs from scratch with our Online Design Tool. Intuitive and beginner-friendly, this free design tool can help you start creating original designs in no time even with limited graphic design knowledge.

What to Consider When Designing Box Labels

The design of your box label is half the battle when it comes to presenting your product to the customer. The other half is the material of the box label, which is on us. To create a well-designed box label, consider the following things:

Pick the right size for your box label. Keep in mind the size of the box when designing the label so that it appears well-proportioned. This will also ensure that information and important messages on the label can be easily read by the customer.

Determine the purpose of the label. Is it for branding or for showing important information to the customer? Those two goals call for very different design philosophies, so always keep this in mind when designing.

The design of your label should complement the color of your box. The label should stand out when applied on the box, yes. However, it should not look out of place either.

Keep in mind the regulatory laws in your state. Read up on state and federal regulations if you have to include hazardous chemical markings or Prop 65 warnings in your box label.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Use Labels to Make Moving Simpler

When utilized properly, box labels can make moving more organized and less stressful for yourself and the movers you managed to hire or cajole (in the case of friends). To help you get started, we've listed several ways you can use labels to make moving simpler:

  • Use color-coding to quickly identify the items in a box.
  • Put "fragile" labels on boxes containing breakables.
  • Help prevent injury with the use of "heavy box" labels.
  • Remember to categorize moving containers.
  • Identify which cabinets and drawers are empty.

The Leader in Custom-Printed Box Labels

NextDayFlyers is the leading online printing company that offers custom-printed box labels. Fast and efficient, our online printing company offers bulk, label, and custom box printing, among others.

Box Labels With Powerful Adhesives
A beautiful and memorable box label on your packaging is useless if it can easily be peeled off. Here at NextDayFlyers, we use powerful adhesive options for your box labels, ensuring that they stay intact even long after application.

Display Important Information Using Box Labels
Box labels can also be used to improve logistics and workplace efficiency by using them to display variable barcodes and QR codes. Through NextDayFlyers' high-quality box labels, information about the contents of the package can be easily displayed out of the box.

Get High-Quality Box Labels Fast
NextDayFlyers can help you meet a very tight deadline due to our fast and efficient printing. All our printing jobs are done right and on time, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your order if you opt for a faster turnaround time.

Box Labels FAQ