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How to Write Postcards

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Written By: Leslie Taylor | Article Date: September 22, 2021

Emails and video calls may be the most common methods to get in touch these days, but writing postcards offer a more exciting way to connect to loved ones around the globe.

Whether you're writing postcards to friends and family while you're on vacation or promoting your business to potential customers, postcard printing offers countless benefits. It's an authentic way to show where you are, surprise recipients who don't expect anything in the mail, and keep as a memento of your travels.

If you want to start sending postcards, this article covers how to properly address and write custom postcards before sending them out in the mail.

How to Address a Postcard

How to Write Postcards

Addressing a postcard is easy! Remember that there are three (3) essential parts in the back of the postcard:

  • Stamp – this goes on the top right of the postcard. Cards purchased from a local shop often contain an outlined box to show you where to place the stamp.

  • Recipient's information - The recipient's address goes on the right-hand side, just underneath the stamp. Write your recipient's full name on the first line, then continue with their full address and zip code below.

  • Your message– Postcards offer limited space, so be sure to keep your message short and sweet. If you're stumped on what to write about, we have some tips and topics to help you.

Note: This is optional, but you can also add the date or a return address on the left-hand side above your message. When addressing a postcard, be sure to leave a finger's width space at the bottom of the postcard for the post office to attach a barcode.

What to Write on Your Postcard

It's important to remember that sending postcards is not a secure form of communication, so keep your message light and avoid sharing personal information.

Share a recap of your day. Describe what you did that day, from the places you visited to the food that you ate. Give detailed descriptions but be sure to mind the limited space provided.

Talk about the photo in the postcard. If you buy a postcard that showcases a photo of the local attraction you visited that day, this is an excellent topic.

Write about your trip highlights. Give a summary of the best things you did while on vacation. Talk about interesting facts you learned about the place that the recipient would find equally fascinating.

Give some travel tips. This gives your postcard a more personalized touch. If the recipient is a close friend, choose attractions and activities you know they would also like to do.

Talk about the weather. If all else fails, the weather is the safest topic. It's the go-to conversation starter because everyone can easily relate and is a priming mechanism for talking about other things.

An example of a compelling postcard message to a friend:

Dearest James,

Did you know that there are more bikes than people residing in the Netherlands? I just overheard that today while lining up at the Van Gogh Museum. I spent the day biking through streets following Amsterdam's canal belt. The wind and occasional spring showers made it challenging, but hey, it's not the Netherlands without a bit of rain. Sending love from Europe!

If you’re using custom postcards for your business, you can talk about exclusive offers and promotions that customers can only redeem using postcards. Postcards can also be used as event invites or packaging inserts to include with every e-commerce purchase.

The possibilities are endless with postcard printing.

Postcard Printing With NextDayFlyers

There are many benefits to printing postcards online and working with a printing company.

Upload your own images. Using your own photos makes each postcard unique and personalized for every recipient. You can either use your favorite photo taken during the trip or create a compilation of the best images to give the recipients a better glimpse of your holiday.

Customize in your preferred style. Printing your postcards online allows you to choose the best size, shape, and material that work for your design. You can enhance your layout with gloss and matte coating, and even add special touches like silk finish and spot UV printing.

We can mail postcards for you. If you want to reach more customers, you can take advantage of our direct mail services. We’ll print and can mail your order straight to your customers. Visit our mailing page to find out more about our fast and affordable services.

We also offer free file checks to ensure your prints are precisely how you want them to look.

After uploading your design, select the PDF Proof option, and our prepress team will email you within the day. For more questions, call us at 855-898-9870, and our customer care team can assist you.

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Postcard Printing Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paper and coating works best with custom postcards?
We offer a large selection of premium cardstock material that can withstand handouts and direct mail promotions. The most popular material is 14 pt. cardstock, which is thick enough for back-to-back printing. You can also add protective matte and gloss coating to avoid scuffs and creases.

Do you offer postcard templates?
Yes, you can download our free templates to help you get started. These are compatible with most design editing applications and include predefined guidelines for your bleed, trim, and safety zone. You can get these templates on the product page Templates tab.

Where can I design my own postcards?
You can create your postcard for free using NextDayFlyer's online design tool. We offer dozens of customizable design templates you can easily change according to your business and branding. You can filter these templates according to size, industry, and style. You can choose your preferred layout or start from a blank canvas, add images, adjust colors, and edit text with our easy online design tool.

What are the popular postcard sizes?
Our most popular USPS-qualified postcard sizes are 4" x 6" and 5" x 7". The standard size is 4" x 6", but if you need something bigger to stand out, go for size 5" x 7". Learn more about which of the two sizes would suit your goals.

Can I review my postcards before they're printed?
Yes. You can upload your design first, then select your preferred proofing option. Choosing I Want a PDF Proof ensures that you review the PDF file before we proceed to printing. Note that you'll need to approve the file for us to proceed with production.