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How to Address a Postcard

How to Address a Postcard

Written By: Leslie Taylor | Article Date: September 22, 2021

Whether you're mailing postcards to promote your business or sharing your recent holiday with loved ones, it's important to ensure your card is addressed correctly to avoid any mailing mishaps.

This step-by-step guide covers everything you need to know about how to address postcards before sending them out in the mail.

Anatomy of a Postcard

Your postcard contains four (4) crucial components:

  • Recipient's information
  • Return address
  • Your message
  • Stamp

By US standards, the back of postcards often has a line right in the middle to split it into two sections. It keeps the information from the sender on the left separate from the recipient's personal details on the right.

How to Address a Postcard

Note: When addressing a postcard, be sure to leave a finger's width space at the bottom of the postcard for the post office to attach a barcode.

Step 1. Write the recipient's information

The recipient's name and address go on the right-hand side of the postcard, below the stamp. On the first line, write the recipient's first and last name. The remaining space below is for the recipient's address.

For Example:
Gary T. Morrison
3533 Grand Avenue
Winter Park,
Florida 32733

Some postcards don't include pre-printed lines for the address, so make sure to write the recipient's information on the middle right-hand side of the postcard.

Step 2. Add your return address

This part is optional, but it helps to add your return address in case the postcard cannot be delivered. You can write this in the upper left corner. The return address is more common for business and promotional mail.

Some senders skip the return address and opt to write the date instead.

Step 3. Write your postcard message

Use the blank space on the left-hand side of the postcard to write your message. You can talk about what you did that day, the best part about your trip, and a story about the photo you used in the postcard.

For promotional postcards, personalizing your message and adding the recipient's name increase conversions effectively.

Step 4. Add the postage stamp.

The stamp goes on the upper right corner of the postcard, above the recipient's mailing address. The right amount of postage depends on where you are sending your card to. You can find more information about postage rates by visiting your post office's website. Stamps can be purchased online or through the post office.

When you're all set, you can take the postcard to your post office branch or drop it off in a designated mailbox.

Postcard Printing With NextDayFlyers

There are benefits to working with an online printer to create your own custom postcards.

Showcase your own photos. Using your own images goes best with a personalized message. The recipient gets a one-of-a-kind postcard that is more appealing than the standard postcards you can buy in shops. You can pick one image to print or create a collage of the best photos from your holiday.

Design postcards in your preferred style. The best part of printing custom postcards online is choosing the printing specifications to match your design. You can create a postcard in your preferred size, shape, and material, and special finishes to make sure it stands out in the mail.

We can mail postcards for you. If you want to promote your business through postcard printing and reach more customers, you can take advantage of our direct mail services. We can mail your order straight from our printers to the addresses of your customers. Visit our mailing page to find out more about our fast and affordable services.

We also offer free file checks to ensure your prints are precisely how you want them to look. After uploading your design, select the PDF Proof option, and our prepress team will e-mail you within the day. For more questions, call us at 855-898-9870, and our customer care team can assist you.

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Postcards Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to put a stamp on my postcard before mailing it?
Yes. Stamps are required to send postcards. Your local office will have some stamps for sale. You can also get stamps at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Staples, and Rite Aid stores.

Is adding my return address necessary?
No, it is not required to write your return address on the postcard. It may be helpful in certain situations, like the recipient has changed addresses or the postcard gets lost in the mail. If the post fails to send your postcard, a return address means it will be sent back to you.

Where can I make my custom postcard?
You can create your postcard for free using NextDayFlyer's online design tool. We offer dozens of customizable design templates you can easily change according to your business and branding. You can filter these templates according to size, industry, and style. Choose your preferred layout, start from a blank canvas, add images, adjust colors, and edit text with our easy-to-use online design tool.

What are the popular postcard sizes?
Our most popular USPS-qualified postcard sizes are 4" x 6" and 5" x 7". Size 4" x 6" is the standard size, but if you need something bigger to stand out, go for size 5" x 7". Learn more about which of the two sizes would suit your goals.

What is the difference between Direct Mail and EDDM?
Traditional direct mail and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) are both direct mail strategies. Their primary difference is in the targeted recipients. Traditional direct mail uses a mailing list and can be directly targeted to recipients of a specific demographic. EDDM does not use mailing lists but targets every household in chosen neighborhoods and zip codes. Learn more about Direct Mail and EDDM.