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Custom Magnetic Calendars

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Magnetic Calendars Printing - Know Your Options

Individually, calendars and magnets are two marketing tools that can bring a significant return for your marketing. When you combine them into one product, you end up with a promotional tool that is twice as dynamic. Magnetic calendars are distinctive marketing tools with a unique way of promoting your business. Plus, you can stay at the top of your target customers' minds all year round.

Calendar magnets are so effective because they are also functional. It is very convenient to have a calendar in places such as refrigerators, cubicle walls, and magnetic whiteboards. They are perfect for schedule-based businesses such as sports franchises or medical and veterinary practices because they can also be used as a giveaway. Realtors, landscaping services, and insurance agents also find them helpful. Your calendar will be a constant reminder of your business for your customer.

Magnetic calendars printed with NextDayFlyers have several options. Choose from two magnet strengths: 20 mil for light strength or 25 mil for moderate strength. Standard 3.5" x 8" or the 4" x 7" rounded corner variety work best for general marketing purposes such as giveaways. If you want an added element, you can print a photo frame magnet calendar. It has four functions in one: magnet, photo frame, calendar, and marketing tool. Or add a clear plastic pocket to place a business card in it.

Send us your press-ready file today and receive your finished magnetic calendars as soon as the next day. All of our products are backed with our on-time guarantee!

Advantages of Using Magnetic Calendars to Promote Your Business

Magnetic calendars are the perfect freebie if you're looking for a marketing material that is useful to customers and will boost brand recognition at the same time. Every time the recipient checks the calendar, they will see your logo and tagline. This will serve as a subtle yet strong reminder of your business.

If you're still not sold on magnetic calendars for your business, here are some advantages that can help you start considering them.

1. Calendars Are Very Useful
No matter where you put them, calendars will always be useful. People will check them out regularly, especially if they're planning or scheduling something. If the recipient puts the magnetic calendar on the refrigerator, people will instinctively look at it whenever they get something out of the fridge. Interacting with your branded calendar every day might foster an affinity for your brand among customers, making them likelier to purchase from you again.

2. They Can Last for One Whole Year
Often given out during the last few weeks of the year, new calendars can literally last for one whole year due to their use. For magnetic calendars, even beyond that time frame. If the recipient really liked the design, your magnetic calendars will stay affixed to customers' fridges even beyond the year that they cover.

To ensure their durability, entrust the printing of your magnetic calendars to a reputable online printing company like NextDayFlyers. You can rest assured that we will not cut corners with your order; instead, we’ll only use high-quality materials to print your calendar design.

3. Magnetic Calendars Are Customizable
NextDayFlyers offers a free online design tool that you can use to customize magnetic calendars to your heart's content. Include your logo, tagline, and any other message that you want people to see on your calendar design. You can also include contact numbers, interesting facts about your company, and even photos of your products or facilities.

These customizations are possible using NextDayFlyer's free online design tool. You can access this on the order calculator page by clicking "Start Your Design Online" under "Upload Your File." Once you're done with the design, click "Save" and proceed to checkout.


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