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Sweet Spot #16: Summertime Signature Sipping Station

Labor Day is right around the corner, do you have plans? Time to plan your end-of-summer celebration! As a perpetual-yet-purely-non-professional party planner myself, I always find grandiose new ideas I want to try or delicious little new foods I want to make for my guests, but I always run into the same problem… I run out of time. Some of you might be saying, ‘Candie, how can you run out of time when you plan each event months in advance!?!’ LOL, I say this to myself every time too! I’ve found that it’s not the planning that needs more time, it’s the preparation, and there’s not much wiggle room there, since most is done the day of a party. So I’ve learned to simplify each idea into under 3 steps and under 10 minutes, with easy instructions that I can delegate.

First the inspiration: a simple bottle of lemonade. Nothing says summer refreshment better than a cold glass of lemonade. Now, to spin this summer classic into an adult beverage? I will credit my good friends [I will call them] Elena & Lisa [to protect their identities] for their perfect pairing, Melon Bacardi! Just TRY IT! One part Bacardi to 2 parts lemonade and you will be in cool sweet and tart Jolly Rancher heaven!

One problem: This new drink became such a hit of the party that I quickly ran out of lemonade and had a sticky kitchen in the process. One solution: For the next party I decided to introduce a new Signature Drink section! This way we could keep the crowd contained near the rest of the food and beverages and speed up the line to plentiful lemonade. My husband found this awesome drink dispenser, the cheapest and chicest dispenser I’ve seen out there!

For just $28 on Amazon, I now have 3 gallons of our new Summer Signature Drink easily accessible! And for variety for all ages, you can have a separate dispenser for the Bacardi.

I just got one step closer to my dream drink station with ice sculpture luge!

7 thoughts on “Sweet Spot #16: Summertime Signature Sipping Station

  1. Who are these “Elena & Lisa” people? Whoever they are, they sound awesome! 🙂 Love the drink dispenser, what a great addition to your parties. Terrific ideas, as always, Candie!

  2. Oh man do I wish I could have one of those melon lemonade drinks! Please reserve me a party spot next summer when I won’t be pregnant! Great drink dispenser! That is such a perfect solution to the mess of people mixing their own!

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