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Photo and Art Marketing Tips

In today’s market, there are more options than ever for sharing and/or making money with your photos and art. If you’re looking for a breakdown of different ways to share your photos online, a good place to start for basic information is the Wikipedia Photo Sharing page.

Strive to develop a strong online presence and make sure you present your finest images on a website that is FAST loading. Potential clients will have very little patience for slow loading images.

Your Portfolio1

No matter what creative type you are, you must have samples of your work to show potential customers and interested parties what you have to offer. So if you haven’t yet developed a solid portfolio, focus on this aspect before you spend too much time considering how you’re going to market your work.

Once you have your art or photo collection, how you present your portfolio is a matter of personal style, preference, and budget. From printed image postcards and brochures, to booklets and videos, there are countless ways to highlight your work.  Here are some options to consider for your portfolio presentation:

  • Printed Postcards and Brochures
    Think of small printed pieces as mini portfolios and as a cost-effective way of getting samples of your work out. You can get your brochures and postcards printed with one image or a collage of images. Don’t forget to include important information such as your contact info. You can use these are direct mail pieces, handouts, or leave them at other businesses, just like you would a business card.
  • Image/Photo Booklet
    When you’re meeting face to face with clients you can dazzle them with a booklet that displays your art and images in a more high-end fashion. Your booklet can either be printed, or you can use inserts so you can easily change photos around.
  • DVD Portfolio
    A Google search on making DVD portfolios will give you a lot of resources. Beyond photographs of images of your art, make sure to include on your DVD the following: Contact information, your biography, an artist statement, testimonials, and anything else you want the world to know.
  • Online Photos and Art
    To get started posting (or selling) your photos, art, videos, or images online, here are some links we recommend:

    • iStockphoto
      Become a contributor for iStockphoto (for photographers, illustrators, videographers, sound artists or logo designers).
    • Flickr
      To share your photos or portfolio slideshow, get started on Flickr here (includes links that will answer your questions on everything from how to get a Flickr web address or share a slideshow, to making your photos public or private).
    • devianART
      On devianART, you can exhibit your art, create galleries, build fans, and sell your art. Get started on DeviantArt here.

Art/Photo Advertising Ideas1
Advertising can take on many forms – from word of mouth and handing out image postcards, to online pay per click ads and photo sharing. Your budget is, of course, a major factor in determining which avenues you utilize, but here are some promotion ideas that you can advertise across avenues to give your work that extra visibility boost:

Photo/Art Display – set up a display of your work in a store (with permission, of course)
Giveaway – give away a free photo session or image to generate buzz
Reward Referrals – reward customers who send referrals your way
Charity – donate a percentage of your proceeds to charity, and advertise that fact
Seminar – offer a photo or artist seminar, online or off

One of the real upsides to being a creative person is turning yourself free when it comes to presenting your work. So scour the Internet to get ideas, see what you like and don’t like on other sites and portfolios, and then build your own presence, online and off, with your own personal flair.


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