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Quick Fire Questions: Red Beard Piano Studio

Recently updated on March 8th, 2019 at 11:10 am

Piano waiting to be played.

We’re all exposed to music. It may be in the form of a playlist on your music app, 80’s pop in the background at the grocery store, a struggling artist playing guitar and singing on a city street or the neighborhood church bells chiming in the distance as the clock strikes noon. It’s part of everyday life, whether we mindfully tune in or distractedly tune out.

Music Belongs to Everyone

Ramiro Allende, Owner of Red Beard Piano Studio, makes this comparison, “Like the ocean, music surrounds us. We can just stand and look, we can listen to it, or we can immerse all our senses into the water. It is risky, it is endless, but it is an unparalleled experience.”

Quick Fire Questions

Ramiro turned his passion for music and long-standing piano performance career into a business. He teaches students of all ages how to play piano. Ramiro recently designed postcards for his piano studio using our online design tools, and was thrilled with the results.

I wanted to find out more about his piano studio, passion for music, and how he put his custom postcards to use to help grow business.

About Red Beard Piano Studio

Can you tell us about your studio?

“I started my studio a few months ago as a means for sharing knowledge and experience.

“The Red Beard Piano Studio’s tagline is ‘As iron sharpens iron, one person sharpens another.’

“Even in this current age, when an unprecedented amount of information is widely available, still the teacher-student connection is incomparable and irreplaceable. Probably every piece of music ever written, studied and/or performed can be found online. However, playing the piano is a craft that can only be passed on directly in a one-on-one experience.”

What inspired you to teach piano?

“I’ve spent the majority of my 20+ year music career performing. I taught quite a bit at the beginning and started up again about three years ago. At this point, I not only know my subject matter very well, I also have had the ‘real world’ experience as a performer.”

Ramiro Allende, Owner and Instructor at Red Beard Piano Studio

What’s your philosophy about music? And more specifically, about teaching music?

“I strongly believe that everyone, regardless of age or ability, can benefit from the study of music. I strive to find what drives each of my students to connect with music, and to cultivate that in order to enrich their knowledge and skill. It is just as important to create and follow a curriculum, as it is to tailor each lesson towards the individual. As a musician and teacher, I know that I can never stop growing and learning.”

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced with your music or with teaching and how were you able to overcome it?

“The biggest challenge for any musician or music teacher is to keep going and never quit if you feel that music is your calling. On that path, there will always be obstacles that are intimidating and make you doubt yourself. For almost everybody, music starts as a once a week activity, then becomes a hobby, and then a job.

“Hopefully, it turns into a career that pays the bills or even takes you all over the world and changes your life completely, as it did mine. Many times, I thought about quitting, but had I done that, I wouldn’t have met the hundreds of people, nor visited the places I’ve been, that made me who I am today.”

Beautiful artwork created by passionate student.

Any success stories you’d like to share?

“Two years ago, an 11-year-old boy and his mother came to the studio where I was teaching for an interview. The family had just moved…and they were looking for a piano teacher to continue with his lessons.

“At the time he was suffering from a condition that severely affected his hearing in one ear. Having to move to a new place, leaving friends behind, the ongoing treatment to his condition, and having to find a school for the upcoming year was a lot to handle for any kid. We connected rather fast, maybe because I saw a lot of myself in him: A young boy, who just started playing piano and really wanted to be good at it.

“Once he signed up for lessons, the first challenge was to get into the single spot available at the most prestigious Arts Middle School in the area. After a few weeks of intense practice, he did the audition. They chose him over eight other candidates.

“Since that audition, he has become the top student in the school. After surgery and treatment, his hearing problems are gone, and he is now seriously thinking about pursuing a music career once he graduates.

“For me, it continues to be a privilege to be part of his musical journey, and I look forward to seeing his success in the future.”

Promoting a Business Built With Love

We get excited to see someone building a business doing what they love. I asked Ramiro how he put the postcards he designed to use. Here’s what he told me:

“The postcards I made are my business card, my flyer, my poster at the coffee shop, and much more. Everyone loves them, and comments on how eye catching they are!”

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Ramiro went on to say:

“I’m extremely thankful to the tools provided by NextDayFlyers that allowed a novice graphic designer, like me, to design professional looking work. The numerous online design tools are easy to use and almost limitless, which is ideal for a DIYer like me.

“The order was processed very fast and the delivery of the postcards was even a day earlier than promised. When my wife, Sara, and I opened the box we felt very proud. I couldn’t believe that I (plus her help, a lot of it) was able to do that. From a simple idea to reality in a few days. It was real. Something that I can touch and say, ‘This is my business, this is my story.’”

The order was processed very fast and the delivery of the postcards was even a day earlier than promised. -Ramiro, Red Beard Piano Studio Click To Tweet

The Red Beard Piano Studio is in Moncks Corner, SC, which is about 40 minutes northwest of Charleston.

To learn more about the Red Beard Piano Studio or sign up for lessons, visit their website and social media pages.
Facebook: @RedBeardPianoStudio