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Quick Fire Questions: Davar Partners International

Recently updated on March 13th, 2019 at 02:46 pm

Most of us have easy access to the Bible. People buy or donate more than 100 million copies around the world each year, according to The Economist. In fact, it’s a yearly best seller. Personally, I can spot three Bibles on my bookshelf that I can reach for and read anytime.

Not everyone has this freedom. Even with access to the written word, people may not read. Davar Partners International states that 80% of people around the world don’t read, struggle to read, or simply prefer to listen. That’s where they step in. They saw the need for people to hear the Word of God in their own language.

Bringing the Gospel to the World in Audio

Davar Partners International is a small organizationjust 11 peoplemaking a significant impact around the globe. Their common goal is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who haven’t heard it yet. They work across the world in the United States, South Africa, and Israel.

Quick Fire Questions

Taylor Cummings, Global Communications Coordinator at Davar Partners International, kindly shared details about the organization’s incredible vision with me.

About Davar Partners International

Can you tell us about your organization?

“A group of people with a heart for Christian missions started Davar Partners International in 2009. They recognized a vastly unreached people group: the global oral population. These are people that don’t read (or simply prefer to listen) and cannot interact with the Bibles that past missionaries gave them.

Recording the Bible.
Recording the Bible.

“Davar’s mission is to make the Word of God accessible to people in every single language. We do this through audio recordings of the Bible in the ‘heart-languages’ of the people groups that we’re recording for—this is the language that they grew up hearing, think in, and pray in.”

Recording team in Uganda.
Recording team in Uganda.

Any success stories you’d like to share?

“One great success story recently came to us from a missionary working in Mongolia.

“In the past, some people with audio scripture weren’t able to listen to it because they didn’t have access to a computer. Our audio is available on a few different platforms that are more accessible (including one very popular Bible app). It’s been reported to us that people have listened to 800,000 chapters [of the Bible].

“Because of our audio Bibles, there’s a drastic increase in Bible engagement. Now people listen on the way to work or school, which can be an hours-long ordeal!”

Gentleman With Audio Bible
Gentleman with audio Bible. Copyright Brad Livengood 2013

Here are a couple of testimonials from Davar Partners’ Mongolian listeners:

“Listening to it influences me.”

“I am so thankful for all of you. Thanks to you, I grow up with God’s Word and have a personal discipline to read the Bible every day. Daily Bible readings, Christian books, and devotionals have come to the phone! It encourages me, sharpens me, and inspires me!”

Raising Awareness Through Printing

We love hearing from happy customers. I asked Taylor how Davar Partners put NextDayFlyers printing to use.

“Print materials are a very successful tool in raising awareness for Davar Partners International. Throughout the year, we raise awareness through reports, brochures, thank you cards, sponsorship materials, and business cards.

Folded cards for Thanksgiving.

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“Our print materials act as a first impression to many potential donors. Quality is everything. NextDayFlyers allowed us to confidently leave behind our print materials with the knowledge that the quality will always reflect our business in a professional way.”

How was your printing experience?

“We love using NextDayFlyers for our printing needs. We can always expect a quality product, for an amazing price, and have it delivered to our door within days!

“Being cost effective is essential to us as a nonprofit. Printing with NextDayFlyers guarantees that we get high-quality materials for an excellent price.”

We can always expect a quality product, for an amazing price, and have it delivered to our door within days! Click To Tweet

How You Can Help Spread Audio Bibles

Davar Partners International is on a heartfelt endeavor to record the Bible in audio and share it freely around the world. They welcome anyone interested in learning more.

Taylor invites one and all, “If you have a heart for missions or would like to participate in what we do, we encourage you to donate, follow us on social media, and share our posts! We’d love talking with you personally about other ways you can lend a hand!”

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