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Photobomb#8: 10 Must Have Photography Apps for your Smart Phones

Recently updated on February 9th, 2021 at 04:56 pm

We are currently living in a time of Nano Technology that is rapidly growing. The days of an mp3 player is just an mp3 player, a camera just a camera and a cell phone just a regular phone is long gone. The Smartphone industry is clearly taking over the digital age.

Today, digital cameras are commonly installed in a variety of gadgetry. Camera phones and Smart Phones are the fastest growing industries in the digital camera market. Mobility and Quality of photos are constantly improving every day (higher megapixels, better lenses and high capacity storage). I love taking random photos when I’m out hiking at Yosemite or riding my bike at Venice Beach. But the bad news is, as a photographer these Camera Phones are still nothing compared to our beautiful DSLR cameras that are equipped with fast shutter speed and control excellent aperture control. The good news is that iPhone apps/ Android apps can help us to edit and turn disaster images to picture-perfect photographs.

I have collected 5 iPhone and 5 android FREE and paid apps that you can play with to make your random photos into cool images that you can be proud to share. Please leave a comment below to share any images that you took with mobile phones. It can be anything from random photos to landscape or portraits. Just simply leave a URL link of your photos and I will include it in my next blog post. Remember have fun and keep shooting!

10 quick tips when taking photos using Mobile Phones:

1.Keep your Lenses Clean
2.Practice Basic Composition – Rules of thirds
3.Take a ton of photos and experiment
4.Experiment with White Balance
5.Try not to use your Digital Zoom
6.Edit images later
7.Keep it Steady
8.Get Close to your subject
9.Light Your Subject Well
10.Use the Highest Resolution

1.) iPhone Color Splash – $.99

2.) iphone TiltShift Generator – $.99

3.) iPhone Pano – $2.99

4.) iPhone Adobe Photoshop Express – FREE

1.) Android App PRO Paint Camera – FREE

2.) Android App PicSay Photo Editor – FREE

3.) Android App Adobe Photoshop Express – FREE

4.) Android App Time-Lapse – $1.99

2 thoughts on “Photobomb#8: 10 Must Have Photography Apps for your Smart Phones

  1. Another fun app is bits. This lets you take your pictures and add frames, filters, text and drawings to them. It is also easy to share photos via email, tet message or social media.

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