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25 Stunning St. Patrick’s Day Photos

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of today we have put together a collection of some fun Saint Patrick’s Day photos from some exceptional photographers. Everyone celebrates different holidays in different ways, but one thing everyone should do is take photos so those fun memories can be captured forever. You never know when you are going to take that perfect photo that you, your family and friends will cherish for a life time.

3 Business Card Branding Tips

1. Let Your Logo Have the Spotlight

Business cards are small, but don’t be afraid to make your logo big! One great way to increase brand awareness with business cards is to make the front of your card dedicated to showcasing your logo like the examples below. If you have a great logo design, let your logo become the card design. Add a neutral colored background that also creates contrast behind your logo. Lastly, add some padding/space around all sides of the logo so it does not feel too cramped.

The Myth and Magic of St. Patrick’s Day

The history of St. Patrick’s Day, like many holidays, is filled with many stories, some true, some not, and some with a wee bit of magic. St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated by the Irish as a religious holiday for more than a thousand years. Interestingly, there is no particular evidence that Patrick came from a religious family, so how then did he go become St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, and the inspiration for this beer-gone-green holiday?1

Online Brand Management Today

Seth Godin, marketing icon, and all around interesting guy writes in his new book “Linchpin” that when it comes to brand management the most powerful people are those on the front line. That’s never been more true than today. It wasn’t that long ago that consumer opinion of a brand came from what they saw on television ads or heard on the news. Now, however, what a company says about itself is only a very small piece of the branding puzzle. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person graphic design business or have 100 employees. Today, anyone connecting via social networking sites, blogs, and other social media sites, can have a major impact. But, there are some things you can control and influence.1

25 Fabulous Full Color Brochures

Brochures need to make an IMPACT and that’s why many designers and business owners opt to have their brochures printed in full color. Most of the time it’s a brochure’s job to sell a product or service and since brochures are often taken home they need to do the work of a salesperson with text and images.

Having your brochures printed in full color can really make photos pop and it allows a designer to use color in many other ways such as to direct the viewer’s eyes to important text. Below is a nice sampling of full-color brochure designs from around the web to inspire anyone who designs or is going to print brochures for a marketing campaign.

How to Add Value to Your Fold Over Business Cards

Introducing a New NextDayFlyers’ Product – the Fold Over Business Card!

We’re all familiar with business cards and the fact that they are a vital element in business marketing. When we introduced rounded-corner business cards to you last year I wrote an article that had a list of 21 things to consider putting on your business card. With a fold over business card, you still need to decide on basic information to put on your business cards. However, with a folded business card you have twice the space as a regular card, which gives you the opportunity to add more value. More value means your customers are more likely to keep the card for future reference. Here are some value-add ideas for your folding business card.

19 Cool Business Card Designs With Fantastic Font Use

When it comes to cool business card designs, type is king. Since business cards are so small, there is not much room for images and design elements because you need to save save space for important items such as logos and contact information. That’s why many designers opt to get creative with their typography, which allows them to create a beautiful design for themselves or their clients without crowding the card.