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5 Tips for Creating a Travel Brochure

Recently updated on October 16th, 2017 at 07:01 pm

1. Include Powerful Imagery

When it comes to vacations and traveling its all about visualization. People dream of sandy beaches, palm trees and ocean water. Your travel brochure should play into the dreams and desires of people looking to escape the daily work grind for a few days so they can relax at their favorite vacation destination.  Use images that will inspire emotion and help readers of your brochure picture themselves at their dream destination.

The key is to use high quality stock photos or have professional photos taken, because bad photos can be worse than not having any photos at all. When you pick photos for your travel brochure design try to cover a variety of possible interest points. Some people may be more interested in visiting a city than a beach or a museum over a historical site. Research the hot spots and find the best photos for your brochure.

Use varying size photos, play around with cropping of images and be sure your copy highlights the photos they are near.

2. Use Colors that Enhance the Images and Location

Colors are also a great way to create an emotional response, so the colors you use in your brochure design should play off of the feeling you are trying to achieve with your images.

If your travel brochure is about a tropical location, use bright tropical colors that compliment the image. If your brochure is spotlighting Paris France try using rich, classical and romantic colors for La Ville-Lumière (The City of Light).

3. Make Information Easy to Read

People usually want to travel to get away from stress so the worst thing you can do is stress people out trying to read your brochure! Information overload is one common problem with brochures, so if you think your brochure is crammed with copy, try cutting out the fat.

You should also keep your fonts at any easy to read size, use fonts that were created as “book fonts” and keep your paragraphs to small sizes. Large blocks of text can be intimidating to readers so use white space, images and titles to break up the big blocks.

Lastly, be sure to include lots of sub titles, bullet points and other design elements for readers who prefer to scan text.

4. Why Should Travelers Visit This Location Over Others?

One major hurdle with travel brochures is the fact that you are competing with thousands of other destinations. Even if your mailing list is highly targeted to people who are interested in tropical locations you still need to convince people to go to Hawaii over the Caribbean Islands. Whatever your location may be, you need to let people know about all the benefits.

This could include benefits such as affordable pricing, top-notch hotels, exclusive entertainment and other special attractions. The benefits should not only be included in your copy, but also in sub-titles and bullet points as mentioned above and also in your images.

The more benefits you bring to the table the more likely you will be to draw in new clients and give them the vacation of a lifetime.

5. Get Them to Take Action

A good brochure gets people to take action. The action could be a variety of things such as visiting a website or calling a number and you should always have a way to track the action. There are also a number of ways to get people to act sooner such as offering a “limited time only” promotion, one night free at a hotel or something similar.

This creates a sense of urgency and people will be much more likely to act on your offer!

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