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35 Super Samples of Business Cards

NextDayFlyers likes to keep up on the latest design trends and we also enjoy sharing what we find with our customers. Nothing is worse than having outdated designs when trying to compete in today’s tough market! It’s important to stay with the times, so ditch those business card designs from the 80’s and check out these samples of business cards below for some hot new inspiration.

If you update your business card design, make sure you consider updating your brand’s other promotional material as well such as brochures, your logo, letterheads and so on. This way your style stays consistent and your marketing material become one, creating a strong image for your brand.

NextDayFlyers offers top-quality business card printing services, competitive pricing and unmatched turnaround times. Count on us to take your cards to the next level and deliver them on time when you need them most! Enjoy the inspiration below.

Samples of Business Cards

8 thoughts on “35 Super Samples of Business Cards

  1. OMG I recently printed some 4×6 postcards with you guys and they were absolutely gorgeous, thank you guys!!
    You deliver them right away (I live in tustin, Ca) and they quality was amazing!

  2. Very nice business card designs you put together here. Clean, professional and modern. I like the idea for the Tattoo Parlour design most. Business cards are just a small piece of paper, but designers from all over the world seem to have an endless creativity and ideas.

  3. thanks for sharing all these cards? there should be a way for us to attach a photo along with our comment so that we can share business cards of our own that you have printed for us.
    either way…thanks

  4. I’m lovin the creative use of spot gloss these days. Really cool tactile touch to things. And as always with NDF blog – super cool ideas!

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