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22 Fantastic Full Color Postcards

Recently updated on November 10th, 2017 at 08:10 pm

When it comes to direct mail marketing, the name of the game is grabbing attention, and a great way to draw a viewer in is with a beautiful and bright full-color postcard design. Boring and dull colored postcards won’t stand a chance against the other postcards in the mail pile; so the first step to marketing success is taking advantage of the affordability of full-color postcard printing at Next Day Flyers!

Both sides of your postcard are a blank canvas ready for tantalizing images, bold text, and colorful design elements. Use them to your advantage and once you have the viewer’s attention, present them with a targeted offer they can’t pass up, with a clear call to action.

Check out these fantastic full-color postcard designs below for some inspiration and insight into what designers are doing with color in the postcard marketing world.

Full-Color Postcard Designs

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