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Kansas City artists creates large-scale postcard mural

A Kansas City, Missouri, artist has won a design competition hosted by the Charlotte Street Foundation. Judith Levy's "Panoramic Postcards" piece consists of four large-scale composites of old postcards from her own collection.

The postcards, which are all authentic images and antiques, work together to create a large, fictitious image – a graphic design technique that evokes an unusual but appealing depiction. Titled "Albertson Square, Hopeland, MO," the work depicts a panoramic image of a theme park, a swimming pool and a tree-lined street.

Levy told the piece is about "how cities grew to accommodate the recreational needs of working class people who lived in those cities."

The work addresses several social and political issues, as do most pieces created by Levy, who also holds a master's degree in social work.

Aside from providing the area of Kansas City with a touch of artistic inspiration, the artwork provides a novel use of postcards in art and graphic design – providing inspiration for visual marketers searching for broader applications of graphic design techniques.

The piece will be on display until fall of 2011.

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