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Art of Design #33: Seven Tips For Flyers That Turn Heads and Spark Sales

Wanna make your flyers attract attention?  Woudja like to make ‘em capture the target you’re aiming for? Take a few minutes to learn how to make a flyer that works hard. Here are some techniques that you can employ immediately.

[1] Use photography or illustrations to create interest

A great big colorful photo or illustration serves as the visual focus of your flyer. Choose from one of the many stock photo libraries on the Internet or hire an artist to do a one of a kind graphic.

  • Position the dominant image in the top half of the page where it will get the best visibility.
  • A single large picture always makes a stronger impression than several smaller ones.
  • Group several small pictures so they form a single visual element.
  • Place a small picture adjacent to a larger one for contrast.

[2] Use persuasive writing and a call to action to lure and hook customers

Use words that communicate a benefit to the reader and always include a clear and simple call to action in every flyer.

  • Think of a short and thought-provoking headline.
  • Clearly identify the potential customer you’re writing for and write with their perspective in mind.
  • Make sure you answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” Tell the prospect how the product or service you are selling will improve their lives.
  • At the end of your pitch, let the reader know exactly how to order or buy. Spell out each step if necessary. Leave nothing to chance.
  • It can be as simple as "Call Today 1-800-000-0000" or "Order It Now at"

[3] Avoid visual clutter — limit type to 2 fonts

To give your flyer a professional look, it’s a good idea to limit the number of fonts. It is best to use one font (a bold one is a smart choice) for your headlines and another font family for the body copy. (A family is all the related styles that come with the font, and usually include bold, italic, and bold italic.) You can use italics or bold variations within the family for quotes or call-outs, picture captions, and sidebar copy.

[4] Get the word out – distribution methods.

Flyers are versatile marketing tools perfectly suited to reaching a large number people. There are many different ways to use flyers, too.

  • Mail them to clients and prospects. Use your own database or rent one. You can fold them to fit a #10 envelope or use a large envelope and send them out flat.
  • Make them a part of every event or meeting or convention you attend. Keep them in your trade show booth or pass them out to the audience at the end of your presentation.
  • Place them in a rack in your office or retail location and invite visitors to take one.
  • Share a mailing with related companies or your own billing statements. In many cases your flyers can ride along for free or a very low cost.

[5] Add in extra value and increase effectiveness

Your flyers can be more than just informational. They can become a valuable reference source – put a table or chart on the back that provides useful information.Make the bottom part of the flyer a coupon that offers a discount to the buyer. This motivates sales and helps you measure the effectiveness of your work.Create something so beautiful or inspirational or funny, that people will want to keep it or hand it on their bulletin board.

  • The longer people keep the flyer, the more opportunities is has to build your business.

[6] Break out of the mold and try something new.

Everyone is used to seeing flyers that are flat. What if your flyer had parts that could pop-out or stand up? That would help it get noticed and invite interaction.Other ideas to help stand out include special inks or coatings, unique sizes or shapes, perforation, and more.

[7] Remember to design in quality

Always check and double check the text for typos, spelling errors, tense, grammar, order, mathematics, placement, spacing and more.Mistakes and errors on your marketing materials cast doubt on your entire operation. Don’t give the reader an excuse not to think the best of your company.Always triple check information like your address, telephone, url, email address, names of employees and products/services.

Flyers are workhorses that cost as little as pennies apiece and can generate many dollars in sales. The more times you design flyers, the more adept at creating them you’ll become.

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