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Month: September 2011

Testing: The Tool That Builds More Effective Marketing

Testing is one of the fundamental tools employed to improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

A/B or Split-Testing are two names for the way the results of one element of a campaign – an email, a landing page or a banner ad – is compared with another to determine the effect a specific variable has on the outcome.…

Paper Ephemera & Collectibles: The Original Swatch

The things we take for granted today often become the collectibles of the future. These swatches for fabrics were not intended as either art or artifact, yet they somehow transcend their practical functionality. In fact, they act as snapshots of a time and place. Not only is the typography appealing, these simple frames for a wide variety of textile patterns for clothes and furniture from the past are capsules offer a glimpse back in time.…

Art of Design #36: Hotel Letterheads From the Past

Letterhead is one of those ubiquitous components of businesses around the world. They go hand-in-hand with business cards to help a company communicate with the outside world: its customers, vendors and suppliers, even competitors.

The letterhead is where you’ll find the essential information of a company such as the name, address, phone and most likely a logo – maybe even a motto or some intelligent line of copy that helps position the firm in the mind of the reader.