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Category: Marketing Tips

Marketing in the Digital Age: Everything You Need to Know About QR Codes But Were Afraid To Ask

QR Codes continue to gain popularity and are being incorporated into more and more mobile marketing campaigns.

Here are the basics that will bring you up to speed and some of the finer points that will make you feel confident in discussing QR codes with other marketers.…

The Social Media Sheriff #14: Google+, Google+, Google+… & Sweden

Yiiiiihaaaww! The Sheriff rides into town once more to rustle up some social media goodness for you city folks. It’s been a while since Ol’ Rusty has come into town but I’ve brought with me a heaping, helping of social media news, tips, tutorials and overall rootin, tootin fun!

Google+ is the big steer this trip, but don’t miss Facebook’s new video chat, Obama on Twitter and Sweden just being Sweden, all wrangled up for you by The Social Meda Sheriff