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The art of paper folding in graphic design and marketing

Recently updated on February 16th, 2011 at 09:53 am

As print media becomes a narrower marketing medium, it's up to professionals to forge unique and innovative campaigns. With the fast-paced, highly stimulating environment of online media, print needs to be more creative to attract the attention of consumers.

Ironically, one of the techniques that marketers can embrace to "modernize" their print campaigns is a centuries-old practice: origami.

Paper folding is an art that originated in ancient China. But today, many marketers are embracing creative folding techniques for their brochures, flyers, newsletters and even their business cards.

"With roots in the Origami arts, today's designers look for folds that can reinforce their information and deliver an effective message to their audiences," writes Fred Showker for DT&G Design. "These folds can be as simple as single to multiple 'parallel' folds – meaning folding the paper into parallel panels. From there the sky is the limit of what can be done on the typical folder."

There are even mechanized folders that can mass produce your folds for easy distribution.

Print media will be around for a long time. Nonetheless, print marketers are faced with a number of challenges to maintain their share. As this trend becomes the norm, creative approaches such as origami can help make your products stand out among the rest.

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