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The design elements of concert posters

As visual and artistic representations of music culture, concert posters have traditionally been a primary force in driving fans to musical events, especially rock concerts. But over the past decade, with the advent of social media, concert posters have taken a back seat to online promotional methods such as Facebook Events and StubHub.

Still, they remain just as culturally significant, with hobbyists amassing posters from historical shows and small-time bands doling out funds to create unique and visually stunning designs for their own gigs and promotions.

“Concert posters must grab people’s attention and quickly convey key information,” writes Kevin Irons for eHow. “It should reflect the event and the performers. A rock concert poster should look different from a church choir concert. For the best results, use a simple, strong image, bold type and strong colors.”

Many designers tend to utilize street art style and inspiration in creating concert posters. These images tend to leave out actual images of the band, and instead depict ironic or satirical representations of iconic photographs, such as an army general holding a flower.

While the style of the posters depends on the style of the musical act it aims to promote, concert posters have somehow managed to evoke a unified sub-cultural identity.

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