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Beyond Design: Juliet Annerino

Recently updated on February 9th, 2021 at 05:00 pm

Juliet Annerino is a singer and composer of jazz, neo-soul and lounge. Her first foray into performing began in the subways of Chicago, where she learned to perform for a diverse and challenging audience. Her talent has taken her across the world and she has performed at concert halls, nightclubs, festivals, theaters and private events in Chicago, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, New York City, Los Angeles, Cairo(Egypt), Amsterdam(Holland), Paris(France), Goa(India), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy) and Beirut (Lebanon).

Juliet Annerino []

NDF: How long have you been a musician?

Juliet: Just about all my life, ever since I was about 12.

 NDF: How did you get started?

Juliet: I began with piano lessons, then guitar, voice and now I’m learning a little about the ukulele, which is fun!

NDF: What are your primary areas of artistic expression within music?

Juliet: I love to perform live, as well as to compose and record. For me, there is simply no greater feeling than performing one of my songs onstage and having a true connection with the audience, to know that I am reaching another person at the level of their soul.

NDF: What drew you to being a musician?

Juliet: The magic of music. To me there is nothing more powerful than the idea that a message, or even just a single emotion, can be communicated powerfully and elegantly within the space of 3 minutes through some carefully chosen vibrations. That is real magic!

NDF: What inspires you?

Juliet: I’m inspired by greatness of all kinds… heroics, folly, tragedy, dedication, strength, devastation, romance and innovation.

NDF: Do you have central themes running through your work?

Juliet: I think I do. Others might see themes that I do not.  I gravitate toward themes of self-determination, passionate dedication, not as much a female empowerment, as a human empowerment.

NDF: We know you just got back from a tour that included Cairo. Would you tell us about that?

Juliet: This tour I called my Mediterranean ’10, and it included Madrid, Spain, Rome, Italy and Cairo, Egypt.  I played mostly jazz clubs with some wonderful musicians from each country. It was a great experience!

NDF: You design all your own material to advertise your music and performances. How do you approach your designs?  

Juliet: Well, first I choose an image that seems to represent the mood of my event. For instance, for my latest project it was for my recent tour overseas. So I took an image of me walking in a full-length silk gown and a little mink jacket in an industrial part of downtown LA that could have easily been almost anywhere in the world! That allowed me to produce a universal design which is what I’m all about.

NDF: What’s your favorite piece of music from another artist? 

Juliet: I like so much music by other artists…from the Russian classical composer Rimsky Korsokov to Bjork! There is so much brilliance out there from the past and the present to discover.

NDF: And now a tougher question, what are some of your favorites out of your own music?

Juliet: As for my own repertoire of compositions, they are like my children, so it’s kind of hard to play favorites…but one of my all-time favorites is the jazz ballad I wrote, “One Brave Soul”. The verses are in 3/4 and the bridge is in 5/4, which makes it a bit different. It’s simple but I feel it reaches people for some reason. NDF Readers can go to my site and download this song (for free) under the “Free Treasure” heading, next to the image of Cat woman, if they like. Consider it my Holiday gift!

NDF: Los Angeles is filled with people who want to be performers but who don’t quite make it. What would you say are some of the main reasons you’ve succeeded?

Juliet: Every day is a new challenge to me, as it is to every other artist in LA.  Some have better luck, some are more talented and some just work harder. Though it’s possible to have some great success through simply luck and talent, I’ve always been a great fan of doing it myself. Though that’s a lot more work and responsibility, at the end of the day you can thank yourself, just as well as not blaming anyone else for any short-comings! It’s surprisingly empowering to do things for yourself, though it can be exhausting, too. I write my own charts, hire my own musicians, book my own gigs, write my own copy and design my own flyers, thanks to you guys who make it pretty easy!

NDF: So, what’s next for you?

Juliet: A very exciting project! I’m going to be resurrecting a multi-media cabaret show called “The Lord’s Lover” for the stage here in Los Angeles. It’s a new yet ancient story, with a surprise twist at the end. You’ll see live music, colorful costumes, magic, fire-dancing, fan-dancing, humor, philosophical fisticuffs, the posing of Life’s greatest questions, and the smashing of some of society’s most sacred cows! This will be an irreverent delight for the senses and a question-marking serpent in the apple of collective consciousness. You’ll even be able to see a bit of NextDayFlyer’s art, too!

NDF: Thanks, Juliet! Anyone looking to sample music from Juliet’s upcoming multi-media cabaret show can get a taste at “Jesus Loves You”(but not like I do).

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